Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite

Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite is Stylus Studio's most comprehensive XML IDE, offering a complete and robust set of tools for writing, testing, debugging, and deploying XML applications. In addition to editors for XML, XML Schema, XQuery, and XSLT, Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite provides the following features exclusive to this edition of Stylus Studio:

  • Java code generation for deployment of XQuery and XSLT transformations
  • The ability to expose XML Schema to Java binding
  • XQuery and XSLT Profilers to help you gather performance metrics and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks
  • Convert to XML, a module that allows you to easily convert non-XML files to XML
  • Web Service Call Composer to help you build and test calls to hundreds of industry-standard Web services
  • Integration with Mark Logic
  • Integration with Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB XML
  • Support for OASIS catalogs, including dozens of catalogs bundled with Stylus Studio
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