Choosing a View

You can add and modify the data and structure of an XML document in any view. When you switch to a different view, any changes you made appear in the new view. To move from view to view, click the Text, Tree, or Grid tab at the bottom of the document you are working with.

To add contents to an empty XML document, consider the structure of the data you plan to add. The Grid view is most useful for creating very structured data that includes multiple instances of the same elements. The Tree view makes it easy to add many different elements. In order to use it, however, the XML must be well-formed.

Each view of the document allows you to query the contents of the document. See Querying XML Documents Using XPath.


Watch it! You can view a video demonstration of the Grid tab by clicking the television icon or by clicking this link: watch the XML Grid Editor video.

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For More Information

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