Using the Stylus Studio XML Grid View

If you ever find yourself doing repetitive editing operations on tabular XML data, and are looking for an alternative approach, try out the XML grid view - its a powerful XML editing view that's pefect for automating common XML editing tasks when working with rectangular or tabular XML structures which commonly arise when working with relational data, HTML tables, etc.

Using the Stylus Studio XML Grid View covers the following topics:

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  1. Editing and Validating XML
  2. Working with XML Tables in Grid View
  3. Comparing XML Files with XML Differencing
  • Editing and modifying structured XML files using Grid View
  • Explanding and Collapsing XML document trees in Grid View
  • Understanding XML elements and Attributes as rendered by Grid View
  • Understanding Columns, and nested XML tables in Grid View
  • Performing common editing operations including insert, delete, rename, add nested table, sort and move XML data.
  • Customizing the Grid View's XML editing view by toggling tag row names.
  • Switching between Stylus Studio's various synchronized XML editors, including the XML text editing and XML tree editing views.
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