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Welcome to the Stylus Studio® 2007 Update page! Here you'll find available updates for currently supported releases of Stylus Studio® 2007, the world's leading XML Integrated Development Environment.

The following are the latest versions of Stylus Studio® 2007

Edition Release Date Build Number Release Notes
Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite January 2, 2007 Build BL735f Read
Stylus Studio® XML Professional Suite January 2, 2007 Build BL735f Read
Stylus Studio® XML Home Edition January 2, 2007 Build BL735f Read

Supported System Configurations

Stylus Studio® 2007 XML has been certified with the following operating system, hardware, and related software configurations:

Hardware Requirements

Pentium class system with 128 MB RAM and 100 MB free disk space.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

Other Requirements

Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 or higher.


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