Release Notes for Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Edition

This document contains information specific to the current release of Stylus Studio® 2007, Build 735f, as well as all previously released 735 builds. Consult the Stylus Studio Release Notes that are part of the Stylus Studio 2007 installation package for other important information.

Build 735f

Bug Fixes

Stylus Studio® 2007 Build 735f includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • XML Publisher
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash after removing the last column of a repeating table.
    • Stylus Studio would not add a table to the data sources panel if it belonged to a different database than that of an existing table.
  • XQuery
    • If you imported a module with a relative path, Stylus Studio was unable to bind external variables.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash while processing XQuery against very large (three thousand lines and more) XML documents.
    • Stylus Studio no longer supports the Mark Logic XQuery processor.
    • Stylus Studio would not always properly process XQuery that included imported modules and multiple external variables.
    • Sense:X would sometimes incorrectly interpret keyboard actions, resulting in unintended changes to XQuery code.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash if you pressed the Ctrl+Space keys following a forward slash in the XQuery code.
    • When using the DataDirect XQuery processor, documents referenced in doc() instructions were not displayed in the editor's data sources panel.
  • XML Schema
    • After inserting a bookmark using the keyboard (Ctrl+F2), the bookmark buttons in the toolbar would sometimes become disabled.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes fail to resolve a member reference from an included XML Schema if that XML Schema was included by two XML Schema documents that were open at the same time.
  • Convert to XML
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash while undoing and then redoing region deletion in a new XML converter (.conv file).
    • The \x method for specifying EDI control characters did not work for all values.
    • Region Type properties set to No-output generated output after the session was saved.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash when opening XLM Schema files (.xsd) with referenced DTD files that were in the same folder.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash when joining regions that were split by the number of lines.
    • The check boxes in the Document Wizards for EDI (EDIFACT, IATA, and X12) always act as if selected, regardless of their status.
    • The HWPRES (Hybrid Wrap-Up Response) IATA message type had the incorrect mandatory setting for the LTS segment.
    • Stylus Studio provided a workaround to the X12 specification that prevented EDI message types with 00305 segments from opening in Stylus Studio.
  • XML Editor
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash if you used Save As to save a document after using the Find feature in the Tree tab.
    • The Find feature would not always locate applicable matches when used on the Tree tab.
  • Other
    • XQuery and XSLT Mapper — You can now select the directory to which you want to save exported images of the mapper canvas.
    • XSLT Mapper — The for-each-group instruction did not always set the context for the stylesheet.
    • Debugger — Stylus Studio did not always populate the Variables window if it was opened during a debugging session using the View menu.
    • Sense:X — Stylus Studio would sometimes mistakenly auto-close element tags after typing the name, even if the element was defined with a required attribute.
    • Project Management — Dragging and dropping a project file (.prj) on Stylus Studio did not open the project.
    • Java Editor — Stylus Studio would sometimes display the message "Waiting for Java Virtual Machine to shut down" after running a Java program.

    Build 735e


    Stylus Studio 2007 Build 735e offers new functionality and numerous usability enhancements.

  • XML Publisher
    • In addition to bullets, you can now choose squares, circles, numbers, and alphabetic characters (upper- or lower-case) for lists.
    • Inherited formatting characteristics are shown in italics in the Properties window.
    • You can now format entire table rows, as well as individual table cells.
    • The Body component now has two properties pages — Text and Document — to allow finer-grained control of report formatting.
    • You can now open a source document by clicking an Open button on the data sources panel toolbar.
    • The Schema Instances dialog box has been renamed Associate with XML Instance.
  • Other
    • When dragging and dropping an item from a source document in the XQuery Editor, you can now choose an XPath expression that extracts the text value of the node you dropped.
    • Sense:X in the XPath Query Editor is now fully namespace-prefix aware.
    • The Stylus Studio product documentation has been revised for this update release.

    Bug Fixes

    Stylus Studio® 2007 Build 735e includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • General
    • Docking Windows — Stylus Studio would not properly refresh docking windows (like the Properties window) after closing inactive documents.
    • Preview — When using the browser to preview, Stylus Studio would improperly render documents if the document's charset was specified as something other than UTF-8.
  • Convert to XML
    • If you let Stylus Studio determine the encoding of documents you were converting to XML, Stylus Studio used the default encoding specified for the machine on which Stylus Studio was running. Input files are now tested for encoding settings.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash if you specified "none" as the field-separator character in a line-oriented region.
  • XML Publisher
    • Formatting properties for child elements are now inherited from the closest parent, and not from the body.
    • You can now set the context for an "if" component directly.
    • You can now select the text in an "if" component with a single click.
    • Formatting specified for the body component did not always appear on the XML Publisher canvas, or in Preview.
    • The Alignment property did not affect image alignment.
    • Setting the "italic" property for text resulted in incorrect code for XQuery 1.0 and XSLT 2.0, and incorrect FO in XSLT 1.0.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash if you copy/pasted an empty table.
  • XML Pipeline
    • Stylus Studio did not always correctly manage relative paths entered for the Target Directory property on the Generate Java Code for XML Pipeline dialog box.
    • Stylus Studio would crash if you dragged and dropped a deleted file from the Project window to the XML Pipeline canvas.
  • XQuery
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash while editing XQuery that contained syntax errors.
    • The Saxon processor did not always output XQuery processing instructions.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash after reporting an error when using the built-in processor.
  • Other
    • Web Service Call Composer — Elements defined with the form attribute set to "unqualified" resulted in the generation of incorrect SOAP requests.
    • Java Debugging — If you closed Stylus Studio while debugging a Java document, Stylus Studio would display a warning message after the application closed.
    • XPath Query Editor — When back-mapping from the XPath Query Editor window, Stylus Studio did not always update the horizontal scroll bars to reflect the current cursor position.
    • Tab-Separated Values Converter —Stylus Studio used "no" as the default value for the First Row Contains Field Names property, even though "yes" was displayed in the Select XML Converter dialog box.


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