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December 2007

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Stylus Studio 2008 Product Datasheet

Download the Stylus Studio 2008 Product Datasheet, available in a printable PDF format today.

Stylus Studio 2008 Simplifies XML Data Integration

Stylus Studio® 2008 XML Enterprise Suite Adds New XQuery & Web Services Tools, Support for MySQL®, PostgreSQL, HL7 EDI, and Microsoft .NET Code Generation to Further Simplify Advanced XML Data Integration. Read the press release here.

Stylus Studio 2008 XML Enterprise Suite Released

Table of Contents

> What's New in Studio 2008 XML Enterprise Suite
> Frequently Asked Questions about Stylus Studio 2008
> SOAWorld Magazine Praises Stylus Studio XML IDE
> True Stylus Studio Stories

1) What's New in Studio 2008 XML Enterprise Suite

Stylus Studio 2008, the latest version of our award-winning XML IDE is now available for free trial download and online purchase. The new release features all-new tools for XQuery and Web services, as well as increased support for popular databases and industry standards, all geared towards simplifying XML data integration tasks. Here are just some of the highlights of Stylus Studio 2008 XML Enterprise Suite:

  • MySQL, Informix and PostgreSQL Support: Stylus Studio bundles the newly released DataDirect XQuery™ 3.1, allowing you to now write XQuery to query relational data, and generate Java or C# code for working with MySQL®, MySQL Community Edition, IBM Informix and PostgreSQL. This is in addition to previously supported relational databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Sybase.
  • Support Converting EDI HL7, Standard Exchange Format (SEF) and other Data Formats: Stylus Studio bundles the newly released DataDirect XML Converters™ 3.1 to help stream bi-directional XML conversion for EDI, CSV, dBase, and many other file formats. New features in DataDirect XML Converters™ 3.1 include:
    • SchemaGenerator interface allows you to generate XML Schema for the XML files created during conversion
    • Support for the EDI HL7 dialect
    • Support for the Standard Exchange Format (SEF)
    • HTML to XML conversion
    • Enhanced error handling
  • WSDL Editor: The new Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Editor helps you visually create and develop WSDL documents. Using the split-screen editor, you can work using graphic components or edit WSDL code. Stylus Studio ensures that both views are kept synchronized, and access to any XML Schema associated with the WSDL document is just a click away.
  • C# Code Generation for .NET: In addition to Java, you can now use Stylus Studio to generate C# code for .NET for running your XQuery, XSLT, and XML Pipeline applications.
  • Simplified Java Code: The Java code generated for XQuery, XSLT, and XML Pipelines has been simplified for easier reading by Java developers. Code is now generated for the active scenario, further simplifying application development using generated code.
  • Auto-complete XML Fragments: The XML Editor now allows you to auto-complete XML fragments when you are editing an XML document that uses included or imported XML Schema.
  • XML Schema Editor Enhancements: The XML Schema Editor has a new search feature that allows you to find all constructs in the XML Schema that reference any of the following elements:
    • Global element
    • Simple global types
    • Complex global types
    Just right-click on the element whose references you want to look up, choose Find all references, and Stylus Studio displays the search results in the Output window. Of course, back-mapping is supported, and pressing F4 moves the cursor to the position in the document where the reference is made.
  • XML Pipeline Scenarios: An XML pipeline is a way to express the various steps in processing XML documents. Stylus Studio® 2008 XML Enterprise Suite provides powerful grapical tools for expressing XML pipelines in terms of a series of XML operations, for example, converting, validating, transforming, or performing other operations on an XML document. Using the XML Pipeline, Software Architects can easily visualize their XML applications (such as ETL, EII, and EAI applications) at a higher level, and automate many common XML programming tasks including Java code generation and debugging of XML processing applications.

    XML Pipeline scenarios in Stylus Studio® 2008 XML Enterprise Suite have been simplified and streamlined, allowing you to select an execution framework from a single drop-down list. Of course, you can continue to override individual processor selections, and a helpful message indicates whether or not Stylus Studio is able to generate code for the execution framework you have specified.
  • Integrated Support for Saxon SA The Stylus Studio XQuery and XSLT tools have been updated to support the Saxon SA processor, a Java-based XSLT and XQuery processing component.

We could keep writing about the exciting new features in Stylus Studio 2008, but why not see for yourself and download a free trial or purchase a license from our online shop today!

2) Frequently Asked Question about Stylus Studio 2008

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the exciting new product release.

Q: How do I purchase Stylus Studio?
A: Stylus Studio can be purchased in one of 3 easy and convenient ways:

  • From our secure online shop
  • From Programmers Paradise and other software resellers.

Q: How much does Stylus Studio 2008 cost?
A: Stylus Studio 2008 is available in 3 different product editions; prices for single user licenses are listed in the following table:

Product Edition Price (USD)
Stylus Studio 2008 XML Enterprise Suite $595
Stylus Studio 2008 XML Professional Suite $350
Stylus Studio 2008 XML Home Edition $99

Volume discounts, academic discounts and competitive upgrades are available. Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP) is sold separately.

Q: How do I upgrade to Stylus Studio 2008?
A: Qualifying customers with current Annual Upgrade Protection coverage can upgrade online.

Q: What should I do next?
A: The easiest way get up to speed with the new features in Stylus Studio 2008 is to download the free trial today. Online product documentation is also available for free browsing in both a PDF and HTML format.

3) SOAWorld Magazine Praises Stylus Studio XML IDE

Stylus Studio has received praise in a recent SOAWorld product review for intuitive tools that "increase developer productivity" and application quality. Read the review here.

The SOAWorld product review lauds many Stylus Studio product features, including its built-in cross-language debugger, Wizards for easy XML document creation and conversion, an integrated XPath expression evaluator, and others. Innovative tools like Java™ code generation for XQuery and XSLT, customizable editors, synchronized text, tree, and grid views of XML documents, and support for numerous popular XQuery and XSLT processors are also cited for improving the application development process.

4) True Stylus Studio Stories

Here's how Michael Ala, eCommerce Service Line Leader for BP Lubricants USA, Inc. uses Stylus Studio:

"We use Stylus Studio 2008 to create XSL stylesheets and XML Schemas for the display and mapping of our EDI transactions. Our computing environment includes an IBM iSeries, and JDE OneWorld with an Oracle database. Now, we're using Stylus Studio to develop a system for inter-company transactions. Stylus Studio 2008 is ideal for these heterogeneous computing environments, enabling connectivity to our various data sources while simplifying data mapping from one file format to another through an intuitive, graphical user interface".