Frequently Asked Questions About the Incredible Price Roll-Back

Wondering why Stylus Studio prices are so low? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the incredible Stylus Studio price roll-back.

Q: I'm confused - Don't prices usually increase each year?

A: Regrettably, yes. Price increases in the XML tools industry have been the industry trend for as long as we can we can remember. But we're proud to say that this unfortunate trend ends now with the new release of Stylus Studio!

Q: Do I get new XML tools in Stylus Studio? Do I have to purchase them separately?

This year's new tools including XML Pipeline and XML Publishing, along with our comprehensive suite of XML tools for solving enterprise-class challenges including XML Mapping, Web services, XQuery, EDI integration and so much more, are now bundled all in one product at one incredibly affordable price with Stylus Studio.

Q: Why is Stylus Studio reducing prices so much?

A: It's because we're so excited about this >historic new release and we think it's so much better than anything else out there, that we simply want everyone to use it. Enterprise XML Suites for all!

Q: Is free technical support included?

A: Yes. Free technical support is provided for all paid customers.

Q: What about volume discounts? How much would it cost my entire development organization with Stylus Studio?

A: We now offer significant new volume discounts. For example, a medium-sized company could equip an army of 50 software developers with Stylus Studio for just 22,313. For your convenience we have a volume discount graph here:

Number of Users:   Volume Discount:  
2 2.0%
5 5.0%
10 10.0%
20 20.0%
50 25.0%
100 30.0%
over 100 Call or email us.

Q: How can Stylus Studio afford to do this?

Volume. So many users from so many leading companies have adopted Stylus Studio over the last few years that we're now able to pass along the savings to you.

Q: OK – Stylus Studio's comprehensive, innovative and productive Enterprise XML Tools Suite is offered at these new, incredible value-prices.

A: That's not really a question, but – Yes! So what are you waiting for? Reduce your XML workload and build better XML applications. Buy Stylus Studio now!


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