Learn XSLT With Stylus Studio® XSLT Video Demonstrations

Please note: As of Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 (May 2007) support for the WYSIWYG XSLT designer has been replaced with XML Publisher, a more powerful XML-based tool for developing report generation applications.

Stylus Studio®'s XSLT development tools makes it easy to visualize and learn XSLT technologies. Our WYSIWYG tools (illustrated below — click to enlarge) let you visually design XSLT stylesheets for transforming XML into HTML — without ever writing any XSLT code! The following 4 video demonstrations showcase various key aspects of our powerful XSLT tools.

Learn XSLT With Stylus Studio®

Introduction to WYSIWYG in Stylus Studio®

Learn more about Stylus Studio®'s WYSIWYG tools for creating static and dynamic HTML content, and some basic techniques for creating dynamic, XML-data driven tables. This video covers the following topics:

  • Loading an XML Source Document
  • Switching between XSLT source code editing view and visual WYSIWYG XSLT editing views
  • Editing and formatting static HTML
  • Creating placeholders for dynamic content using XPath expressions
  • Previewing a simple XSLT transformation
  • Handling repeating XML elements as dynamic tables
  • Populating dynamically generated XML tables
  • Creating XML-driven dynamically generated nested tables

Working with Tables

This video demonstration shows you how to sort tables and how to apply advanced formatting using XSLT conditional processing. This video covers the following topics:

  • Performing operations on tables in the WYSIWYG XSLT editor
  • Using XSLT conditional processing to create advanced tables
  • Visually inspecting the XML source document
  • Drag-and-Drop operations in the WYSIWYG XSLT Editor
  • Sorting tables based on XPath properties
  • Using xsl:choose and xsl:otherwise to develop custom conditional processing expressions that control output formatting
  • Working with XML elements and attributes

Using XSLT Templates

Learn how to apply and match XSLT templates; and how to create, edit, and reuse templates of your own. This video covers the following topics:

  • Applying and matching XSLT Templates in the WYSIWYG XSLT Editor
  • Inspecting the xsl:for-each context for repeating table rows
  • Advanced drag and drop operations in the WYSIWYG XSLT Editor
  • Defining custom XSLT templates and applying them using xsl:apply-templates or xsl:call-templates

Converting Static HTML

This demonstration describes how to use Stylus Studio®'s HTML editor to convert a page of static HTML to one that lists dynamic content copied from a source XML document. This video covers the following topics:

  • Converting a static HTML file to a well-formed XML document
  • Developing an XSLT stylesheet to reverse engineer HTML to XML
  • Using back-mapping and to troubleshoot XSLT stylesheet bugs
  • Replacing Static HTML elements with Dynamic XML Data
  • Inserting XPath Expressions and Functions to extract XML data


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