Setting Options for the XSLT Mapper

There are a few options you can set that affect the XSLT stylesheets generated by the XSLT mapper. To display the Options dialog box, in the Stylus Studio tool bar, select Tools>Options.

Under Module Settings > XSLT Editor, click Mapper. The mapper has an option that determines whether Stylus Studio creates empty elements for unlinked nodes when the associated schema specifies that the elements are required. You might want to select this option to help ensure that your XSLT generates valid XML by ensuring that all required elements are accounted for.

Among other options under the XSLT Editor heading, consider clicking XSLT Settings and specifying whether or not you want Stylus Studio to save scenario metainformation in the stylesheet. Scenario metainformation includes anything specified in the Scenario Properties dialog box - source and output URLs, parameter values, post-processing options, and so on.

If you choose not to save scenario metainformation in the stylesheet, and if the stylesheet belongs to a project, Stylus Studio saves mapper metainformation in the project. If the stylesheet does not belong to a project, and you choose not to save metainformation in the stylesheet, mapping metainformation is not saved.

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