Adding an Instruction Block to the XSLT Mapper

To add an instruction block to the XSLT mapper
1. Right click on the mapper canvas.

The shortcut menu appears.

2. Select XSLT Instructions from the shortcut menu.

The XSLT Instructions submenu appears.

3. Select the instruction you want to add to your XSLT.

The block for the instruction you selected appears in the mapper canvas.

5. Link the output port(s).
6. Optionally, link the flow port.

Notes About Creating Instruction Blocks

Be aware of the following when working with XSLT instruction blocks in the XSLT mapper:

If you mouse over the circle, Stylus Studio displays the XSLT represented by the link (xsl:value-of select="/books/book/@pubdate"/, for example).

This behavior also exists for text blocks created in the mapper that are not also linked to other blocks in the mapper. See Setting a Text Value.

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