The Operation Element

The Operation element typically consists of an Input element and an Output element, though they can be used individually and in different orders to support different types of operations. For example, if you are describing

An optional Fault element can be used for error handling in both request-response and solicit response Operation models.

Operation Element Code Sample

The structure of an Operation element might look like this:

     <wsdl:operation name="Operation-0"> 

How to Create an Operation Element

To create an Operation element:
1. Select the PortType element.
2. Select Diagram > Add > Operation from the Stylus Studio menu.

Alternative: Right-click the PortType element and choose Add > Operation from the shortcut menu.

Stylus Studio adds an Operation element to the WSDL as a child of the PortType element. The default name is Operation-0, but you can change it. Operation names are not required to be unique.

How to Rename an Operation Element

To rename an Operation element:
1. Double-click the Operation element in the WSDL diagram.

The name becomes editable.

2. Type a new name and press enter.

Alternative: Using the Properties window

1. Display the Properties window if it is not already open. (View > Properties).
2. Change the Operation name in the Value field in the Properties window.

Alternative: You can change the Operation name directly in the WSDL text.

Operation Element Properties

The following table describes the properties of the Operation element.

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