The Port Element

The Port element defines a single address for a Binding. Port elements are always defined as children of the Service element. By default, Port elements are created with a SOAP address type, but you can change it to HTTP.

How to Create a Port Element

To create a Port element:
1. Select the Service element for which you want to describe a port.
2. Select Diagram > Add > Port from the Stylus Studio menu.

Alternative: Right-click the Service element and choose Add > Port from the shortcut menu.

Stylus Studio adds a Port element to the WSDL. The default name is Port-0, but you can change it. Port names must be unique within a given Service element.

How to Rename a Binding Element

To rename a Port element:
1. Double-click the Port element in the WSDL diagram.

The name becomes editable.

2. Type a new name and press enter.

Alternative: Using the Properties window

1. Display the Properties window if it is not already open. (View > Properties).
2. Change the Port name in the Value field in the Properties window.

Alternative: You can change the Port name directly in the WSDL text.

Port Element Properties

The following table describes the properties of the Port element.

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