Creating XML Schema from IATA Message Types


The IATA to XML Schema document wizard is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite.

Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite provides a document wizard that allows you to create XML Schema based on an IATA message type, such as the APSINQ (Application/Product Status Inquiry) message type.

Setting Wizard Options

In addition to selecting a specific IATA version and message type, Stylus Studio provides the following settings that determine how the XML Schema is generated. You can decide whether or not you want to

  • Include annotations that describe each element.
  • Generate enumerations for fields in the transaction set that have lists of values
  • Substitute "unbounded" for maxOccurs that have a value of 99 or more. Stylus Studio bases maxOccurs values on the loops it detects in the EDIFACT message.

Running the IATA to XML Schema Documentation Wizard

To run the IATA to XML Schema documentation wizard:
1. Select File > Documentation Wizards from the Stylus Studio menu.

The Documentation Wizards dialog box appears.

2. Double-click the IATA to XML Schema icon.

The Create XML Schema from X12 Transaction Set dialog box appears.

Figure 266. Create XML Schema from IATA Message Types

3. If necessary, change the IATA version ID. Versions are listed chronologically in ascending order.
4. Change the XML Schema creation options as required. See Setting Wizard Options if you need help with this step.
5. Click OK.

Stylus Studio converts the IATA message type you selected in step 3 to XML Schema and opens a new, untitled document in the XML Schema Editor.

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