How to Open a File Using an Adapter

You can use the Open dialog box to open a file using an adapter in Stylus Studio.

To open a file using an adapter from the Open dialog box:
1. Display the Open dialog box (select File > Open from the Stylus Studio menu, for example).
2. Navigate to the directory that contains the file you want to open using the adapter and select the file.
3. Check the Convert to XML using adapter check box and click the Open button.

Figure 194. Check Box to Open Files Using Adapter

Stylus Studio displays the Select XML Converter dialog box.

Figure 195. Select XML Converter Dialog Box

4. If you are using a user-defined adapter ( .conv), select Convert to XML. Then, use the browse button in the Value field to locate the adapter you want to use. Go to step 6.

Figure 196. Selecting a User-Defined Converter

If you are using a built-in adapter, select the adapter you want to use and go to step 5.

5. Specify the values you want to use for translation purposes. Many fields have a drop-down list that displays valid values, like the Line Separator property for the Comma-Separated Values converter shown here:

Figure 197. Built-In Converters Display Valid Properties

See Adapter Properties for information on properties for specific adapters.

6. Click OK.

The file is converted to XML and appears in the editor from which you displayed the Open dialog box in step 1.



You can use the same basic procedure, from the Save As dialog box, to save a file using an adapter.

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