Stylus Studio® Lends a Helping Hand to the New Orleans Reconstruction Efforts

Last September, millions of lives were changed in a day by a cruel and wasteful storm. Today, reconstruction efforts are ongoing, and we're proud to note that Stylus Studio is able to perform a small but important role in the Gulf Coast's recovery. Rafiki Cai, co-founder of the Digital Freedom Institute (DFI) and a Stylus Studio user, wrote to tell us how Stylus Studio is helping:

"I'm on the ground in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, working as a volunteer, on the rebuilding of the area after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the consequent breeching of the levees. We have hundreds of volunteers that are flowing into the city. We're developing a system to automate the process whereby when a volunteer is entered into our CRM database they are also plotted on to the Volunteer Map. Stylus Studio has the tools and utilities to help us develop the mapping solution that we needed, enabling us create the underlying systems infrastructure needed to facilitate rebuilding this great city."

About The DFI Institute

DFI's ultimate vision is to assist communities of color in becoming fully integrated into the information technology world while exercising mastery of the latest technologies in bringing about positive change in the human condition on a global scale.


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