Customer Story - Northwestern University

Recently, staff at Northwestern University used Stylus Studio XML IDE on a project. Stylus Studio and the Stylus Studio team played a big part in helping them achieve their objectives with the Stylus Studio Team working closely with them to make sure the project was successful. Below is a brief Q/A with Onyinye Enyia from Northwestern University regarding this project.

Could you provide a brief description of your department's mission/goals at Northwestern University?

"Clinical data management for a large research study. Our team goal is the collection and analysis of large volumes of data from several different sources."

What about your project? Please summarize the project for which you used Stylus Studio XML IDE.

"We currently receive our laboratory data in HL7 format. However, we needed a way to convert these HL7 documents to XML format, as well as customize them to reflect specific data elements. Converting the HL7 documents to XML would allow us to use the SAS XML Mapper tool to map the XML documents and ultimately upload them into SAS. Once uploaded in SAS, we not only created datasets and conduct analysis, but we eliminated the need for double entry of laboratory data in Microsoft Access, thus saving time and streamlining the process overall."

What products did you use in the project (such as SAS)?

"Products used in this project are SAS XML Mapper, SAS, and Microsoft Access."

Anything Else You Would Like to Say About Stylus Studio?

"Of Note: Our experience working with the Stylus Studio Team was awesome. They were patient and worked collaboratively with us to ensure that we achieved our objectives."

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