Release Notes for Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2 XML Enterprise Edition

This document contains information specific to the current release of Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2. Consult the Stylus Studio Release Notes that are part of the Stylus Studio X15 Release 2 installation package for other important information.

Build BL1928m - January 22 2016

  • Preview from external processor fails with multi-byte encoding

Build BL1928l - January 8 2016

  • XML Converters has been updated to build 1893y:
    • Support root= URI parameter on JSON converter. root=[name].Allows the root element name to be set.
    • Support attr= URI parameter on JSON converter. attr=[string] prepends the [string] to each attribute that is converted to JSON, so that attributes are recognizable as such. For example, attr=@ means that each attribute name in JSON would look like {"@name":value} instead of {"name":value}.
    • A new URI parameter, length=min|max|both|none, is supported when generating XML Schemas for EDI definitions. The default is length=max. When length=none is set, neither minLength nor maxLength attributes are generated in the schema. When length=min is set, minLength attributes generated. When length=max is set, which is the default, maxLength attributes are generated. When length=both is set, both are generated. Note that in some cases, even with the setting turned on, sometimes a minLength/maxLength will not be written. This is because the rules for XML Schema length checking do not always match the rules that EDI uses, so in some cases there is no reliable way to test length.

Build BL1928k - November 17 2015

  • Tree Preview shows incorrect output when multiple text nodes are present between elements
  • Tree Preview no longer reports when XML is not well-formed

Build BL1928j

  • Convert to XML does not render the column separator aligned to character separator
  • XML Publisher now preserves the scenario settings when re-generating XSLT/XQuery
  • StylusValidator command-line schema processor no longer requires full path for the schema argument

Build BL1928i

  • Fixed regression that prevented XQuery to run against SQL Server Azure
  • Added support for Apache FOP 2.0
    • Apache FOP 2.0 install On-Demand
    • XSLT and XQuery Post processing
    • Java Code Generation
    • XML Pipeline Execution Framework
    • XML Pipeline Java Code Generation

Build BL1928h

  • XSLT Editor: Editing via Parameter tab generates multiple xsl:output elements
  • Convert to XML: When processing large Unicode documents Stylus Studio could quit
  • EDI to XML: Update Reference when renaming Messages, Segments or Elements
  • EDI to XML: Caching Converter URL Property Dialog creates confusion. The Select Converter dialog no longer caches property values from previous sessions
  • EDI to XML: Dialect types are now resolved using DataDirect XML Converters rather than a static table
  • XSLT/XQuery Mapping Tool: Attribute defined in imported schemas are generated in the wrong namespace
  • Open File Dialog crashes with invalid folder URL like c:/temp/

Build BL1928e

  • Update Saxon to version
  • System variable PATH was corrupted for processes started from Stylus Studio
  • Convert To XML: Allow to set the number columns when creating a new fixed-width region.
  • Convert To XML: Under certain error conditions the preview button became grayed out.
  • .Net Schema processor: Replaced XMLValidatingReader with XMLReader
  • Java code based on Saxon Basic/Home thrown NPE during license check

Build BL1928d

    After updating to Saxon (Stylus Studio build 1928c) Enterprise Edition cannot run Saxon XSLT processor in Home mode.

Build BL1928c

  • Update Saxon to version
  • Fixed NPE when using xsl:result-document

Build BL1928b

  • Custom XSLT processors did not pay attention to the scenario output URL
  • Custom XSLT processors could not handle large result
  • Custom XSLT processors could freeze the UI while loading the Preview Window


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