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May 2008

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Stylus Studio 2008 Data Integration Webinar

Register to attend a live webinar! Learn how to use Stylus Studio to integrate heterogeneous data sources including relational and flat files, how to publish to PDF, and how to generate the Java and C# code required to deploy your XML application to a production environment. Sign up for this free online training webinar and learn how to simplify data integration challenges today!

Table of Contents, May 2008

> Stylus Studio 2008 Release 2 Now Available
> Frequently Asked Question about Stylus Studio 2008
> Review: An Embarrassing Overabundance of XML Tools

Stylus Studio 2008 Release 2 Now Available

Stylus Studio 2008, Release 2, the latest version of our award-winning XML IDE, is now available for free trial download and online purchase. The updated software features better code generation tools, enhanced scalability, and increased support for popular EDI industry standards – all geared towards simplifying XML data integration tasks. Here are just some of the highlights of Stylus Studio 2008 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2:

  • Convert New EDI Formats to XML: Stylus Studio now supports the Edig@s EDI dialect. With a new Edig@s to XML Schema wizard, as well as support for the IATA 07.1 revision and numerous other formats including EANCOM, X12, and HL7, Stylus Studio's EDI to XML conversion tools are among the most comprehensive available today.
  • Java and C# for .NET Code Generation: Code generation has numerous improvements in Stylus Studio, including enhanced support for the Microsoft .NET processor and new support for the Saxonica Saxon .NET Processor when generating C# code for .NET. Deploying XQuery, XSLT, and XML Pipelines across multiple platforms has never been easier.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Project Support: Stylus Studio can automatically create or update a Microsoft Visual Studio project to include the C# for .NET class for the XQuery, XSLT, or XML Pipeline for which you are generating code.
  • Enhanced Scalability and Performance: The new release leverages enhanced optimization techniques –including streaming– to further improve application performance and scalability when accessing and converting multiple, large data sources including relational databases and flat files.
  • Support for Standard Java XML Processing API: New support for industry-standard XML processing APIs in the generated Java code.
  • Usability and Performance Enhancements: Various enhancements to the XML Editor, XQuery Mapper, XML Pipeline Designer, and XML Schema Editor.

We could keep writing about the new release, but the best way to learn about Stylus Studio's many features and functions is to try Stylus Studio for yourself. Download a free trial of Stylus Studio today!

Frequently Asked Question about Stylus Studio 2008

Q: How do I purchase Stylus Studio?
A: Stylus Studio can be purchased in one of 3 easy and convenient ways:

  1. From our secure online shop.
  2. By purchase order; call our sales team at 781-280-4488, or email us at
  3. From Programmers Paradise and other leading software resellers.

Q: How much does Stylus Studio 2008 cost?
A: Stylus Studio 2008 is available in 3 different product editions. Prices for single-user licenses are listed in the following table:

Product Description Price
Stylus Studio 2008 XML Enterprise Suite $595 (Save $300)
Stylus Studio 2008 XML Professional Suite $350 (Save $150)
Stylus Studio 2008 XML Home Edition $99 (Save $100)

Volume discounts, academic discounts, and competitive upgrades are available. Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP) is sold separately.

Q: How do I upgrade to Stylus Studio 2008 Release 2?
A: Customers of Stylus Studio 2008 with current Annual Upgrade Protection are eligible for a free upgrade – just download the latest software (choose the edition that you currently have installed), then run the installer. Stylus Studio automatically updates itself, and you're ready to enjoy Stylus Studio's latest and greatest. If your AUP coverage has expired, or if you are experiencing difficulties upgrading online, please email us at

An Embarrassing Overabundance of XML Tools

Here's what Alex Woodie had to say in a recent review of Stylus Studio 2008:

"Stylus Studio 2008 is a suite of software that provides developers with a plethora of tools for doing all kinds of stuff with XML. Did we say plethora? How about an embarrassing overabundance, per this list of more than 400 XML capabilities on the vendor's Web site. If it can be done in XML, it's likely supported by Stylus Studio 2008 Enterprise Edition."

Read the entire article online today.