Source Documents and XML Instances

As described previously, Stylus Studio uses the source documents you specify to display a structure you can use to create mappings to the target structure. In addition to the document structure, Stylus Studio needs document content information in order to compose a correct XSLT stylesheet. You provide this information by associating a XML instance to each source document you specify.

Types of associations

Source documents can have one of three associations, each of which has implications for the XPath expressions written by Stylus Studio, which uses these documents when it composes the XSLT stylesheet. A source document can be associated with

By default, Stylus Studio uses the first XML document you add to the XSLT mapper as the source XML for the XSLT scenario, as shown here:

The document specified in the Source XML URL field on the Scenario Properties dialog box is the document to which the XSLT is applied when you preview the XSLT. You can select this association for another XML document if you choose, but only one source document may have this association.

Source document icons

Stylus Studio uses different document icons to indicate how a source document structure is related to corresponding XML document content.

How to change a source document association

To change a source document association:
1. Click the Mapper tab if necessary.
2. Right click the source document whose association you want to change.

The source document shortcut menu appears.

3. Click Associate With, and then select the document you want to associate with the source document.
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