Facet Type Properties in XML Schemas

Facet types have the properties described in Table 51:

Facet Type
Must be one of the following: enumeration, fractionDigits, length, maxExclusive, maxInclusive, maxLength, minExclusive, minInclusive, minLength, pattern, totalDigits, or whiteSpace.
A Boolean value that indicates whether you can further restrict the simpleType with this same facet and a different value. The default is false. That is, the default is that you can apply the same facet more than once. For example, suppose you specify the following definition:
<xsd:simpleType name="zip"> 

<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"> 
<xsd:length value="5" fixed="true"/> 

This defines a postal code whose length is 5 characters. You can further restrict this simpleType with, for example, the pattern facet so that the first three characters must always be " 100", but you cannot further restrict the length facet when the Fixed property is set to true.
Facet types of pattern and enumeration do not have the Fixed property.
Varies according to the facet type. See About Facet Types for simpleTypes.
Table 51. Facet Type Properties

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