Defining List and Union simpleTypes in the Tree View

Sometimes you need to define a simpleType for a sequence of atomic types. In a list simpleType, all instances in the sequence must be of the same type. In a union simpleType, the instances in the sequence can be of different types. The procedure for defining list and union simpleTypes is the same.

In the Tree view, to define a list or union simple type:
1. Click the node you want to define the list or union type for.
2. In the left tool bar, click New simpleType . Stylus Studio displays an empty simpleType field as the last child of the node you selected.
3. Type a name for the new simpleType and press Enter.
4. In the left tool bar, click New Aggregator . Stylus Studio displays a pop-up menu with two choices.
5. Double-click list or union.
6. Define the atomic simpleType of the elements or attributes that are instances of the list or union type. See Defining simpleTypes in XML Schemas.
7. If you are defining a list type you are done. If you are defining a union type, click the union node and define another atomic simpleType that can be in the union. Perform this step for each type in the union.
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