Defining Elements of the Sample complexType in the Tree View

This topic is part of a sequence that begins with Description of Sample XML Schema.

To define the book, magazine, and newsletter elements in the sample XML Schema:
1. In the Tree tab, click the Schema node.
2. In the left tool bar, click New Element Definition .
3. In the field that Stylus Studio displays, type book as the name of the new element and press Enter.
4. In the drop-down list that appears, double-click PublicationType.
5. Repeat step 1 through step 4 two more times. Once for the magazine element and once for the newsletter element.
6. Click Save .

This is the end of the section that provides instructions for getting started with defining XML Schemas in the Tree view. The topics that follow this topic provide complete information for defining the elements that can be in an XML Schema and for working in the Diagram, Tree, and Text views.

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