Identifying Resources

When planning your XML pipeline, you should consider the resources you will require in order to build it. These include

  • Source documents for any XQuery and XSLT transformations the XML pipeline will use, XML Schema used for validation, and so on
  • Data sources, whether an XML document, data converted from a relational database or flat file to XML, or XML data returned by a Web service, for example

You should pay particular attention to where these resources will be relative to the finished XML pipeline when it is being run in its production environment. For example, if you are using a Web service or relational database that requires some type of authentication, you need to ensure that the finished application that makes use of your XML pipeline code includes some means of providing authentication. Similarly, you need to ensure that the paths of source documents, data sources, and output URLs will be accessible to the finished application, or that your application provides a way to enter this information at run-time.

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