A field is one or more columns in a row that contains data. Each different row type has its own independent set of fields. An example of a field in an employee record is employee_id.

Stylus Studio supports many data types (string, Boolean, number, date, time, and so on) and recognizes many different input formats (like different date formats, for example). Properties vary based on data type - the Base property, for example, is applicable only to Number data types.

You can define your own fields in fixed-width input files. See Defining Fields for more information.

Component and Sub-Component Fields

Some file formats, including many EDI variants, allow fields to be subdivided into arrays, sub-fields, or composite fields. Collectively, these fields are referred to as component fields in Convert to XML, and they are fully supported, both in terms of recognition and output. You can name the container element using the Component Element Name and Sub-Component Element Name properties.

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