# Tuesday, December 11, 2012
December 2012 - Stylus Studio X15 Now Available

Hello from the Stylus Studio Team!

X15! That's right. It's here. The powerful new version of Stylus Studio, the world's best XML Integrated Development Environment, is now available. X15 is packed with new features and enhancements to make the best even better. The Stylus Studio team is extremely excited to release this new version and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The Stylus Team is also happy to show off a brand new Stylus Studio Quick Tour video. This great new video offers a quick overview featuring some of the most powerful and productive features in Stylus Studio.

X15 Is Now Available

The latest and greatest release of Stylus Studio is now available. Stylus Studio X15 Enterprise Suite's awesome new features include:

  • New HTML WYSIWYG Editor Tab
  • Real-Time HTML Editing, Results and Preview
  • Overhaul and Enhancements to Sense X - Intelligent XML Editing
  • One Click Intelligent AutoLink for XSLT and XQuery Mapping Tools
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 8
  • And More...

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NEW VIDEO - Quick Tour Video

Get a quick overview of Stylus Studio in our brand new video. This video takes you on a quick tour of the best aspects of Stylus Studio and gives you a great introduction to the power and integration offered in Stylus Studio.

Stylus Tour Video

Watch the Video Now >
Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes

last month's article

By: Dr. Michael Kay

This XQuery tutorial is for all those people who really want to know what XQuery is, but don't have the time to find out. We all know the problem: so many new technologies, so little time to research them. To be honest, I hope that you'll take more than ten minutes on this XQuery tutorial — but if you really have to leave that soon, I hope you'll learn something useful anyway. 

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