Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing Stylus Studio

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions concerning purchasing Stylus Studio. Click on the appropriate link to find the answers to your questions:

If you have a question that is not addressed here, don't hesitate to contact us.


Where can I buy Stylus Studio® X16 XML?

You can buy Stylus Studio® X16 XML from our own online shop or any software reseller.

What about volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts in the form of user packs (packs of 2, 5, 10, and 20 are popular). For details, visit our online shop.

Who do I contact to discuss an enterprise licensing arrangement?

Contact our sales team to discuss enterprise licensing matters.

Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite provides development tools for DataDirect XQuery and DataDirect XML Converters.  How are these components licensed?

DataDirect XQuery and DataDirect XML Converters are included in Stylus Studio for development purposes only, and are separately licensed products. For more information, visit:

Do I need an additional license to Deploy Generated Code?

Yes. DataDirect XML Converters and DataDirect XQuery can be used within Stylus Studio for developing and testing; however, deploying these features into applications requires separate runtime licenses. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Can I buy Stylus Studio® X16 XML with a purchase order?

Sure! contact our sales team to purchase via a purchase order.

I've purchased a product key for Stylus Studio® X16 XML. Where do I download the software?

Get the latest version of Stylus Studio® X16 XML from the product download page — be sure to download and install the correct edition of Stylus Studio® X16 XML (Enterprise, Professional or Home Edition) that corresponds to the edition which you have purchased. Next, from within Stylus Studio® X16 XML, select Help -> About Stylus Studio® -> Activate/Register Stylus Studio®, and then copy/paste the product activation key from your sales order confirmation email into the license manager, and click "Activate Stylus Studio®". You're all set!

What is the difference between Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite, Stylus Studio® XML Professional Suite and Stylus Studio® XML Home Edition?

We've posted a detailed feature matrix which shows the differences between Stylus Studio® editions, as well as the top ten reasons why we highly recommend Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite. In a nutshell, here are the main differences between the three editions of Stylus Studio® X16 XML:

  • Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite is our main XML IDE offering a full development lifecycle solution for advanced XML data integration. It provides outstanding tools for working with XML, XSL/XSLT, XPath, XML Schema/DTD, XQuery, XML Mapping, XML Pipeline, plus deployment features like Java code generation, Web services tools, XML publishing tools, support for DataDirect XML Converters™, Industry standard XML vocabularies, and more advanced tools for legacy data integration. For more information, download the datasheet.
  • Stylus Studio® XML Professional Suite provides tools for working with XML, XSL/XSLT, XPath, XML Schema/DTD, XQuery and XML Mapping. It is ideal for professional XML developers needing to develop and test XML applications.
  • Stylus Studio® XML Home Edition is for student or home users learning XML in a non-commercial settings. Home Edition is not licensed for revenue generating activities, commercial use, nonprofits, academic institutions, or government use. It offers a sub-set of features at a reduced price, and is designed to simplify XML learning. We've created an entirely separate FAQ for questions about Stylus Studio® XML Home Edition.

I work for a department of the US federal government. Are Stylus Studio products available for purchase through the General Services Administration (GSA)?

Yes - US Government customers may purchase Stylus Studio products from our reseller partners that specialize in working through the GSA.

Evaluation Copies

How do I Upgrade from an Evaluation Version of Stylus Studio® X16 XML?

In order to upgrade from an evaluation version of Stylus Studio® X16 XML, we need to first email you your full license activation key. You can purchase an activation key for any edition of Stylus Studio® X16 XML from our online shop. When you receive your full license activation key, follow these steps:

  • Start Stylus Studio® X16 XML
  • Display the About dialog box (Help > About Stylus Studio®).
  • Click the "Activation & Registration" button in the About Stylus Studio® dialog box.
  • Enter your full license activation key in the "Activation key" field, removing any existing value in that field.
  • Click the "Activate Stylus Studio®" button. Stylus Studio® X16 XML will then display a message indicating that your fully licensed version has been activated.

Do you offer evaluation copies of Stylus Studio® X16 XML?

Yes! You can download a free, fully functional evaluation any edition of Stylus Studio® X16 XML from the downloads page on our Web site.

How long is the evaluation period?

The evaluation period is 15 days. One evaluation is permitted per major release. (Stylus Studio® 2011, Stylus Studio® X14, and so on).

Why is the evaluation period so short?

Because we've dramatically reduced prices. Other XML tools suites might cost 3-5x more. If productivity, value, standards compliance and scalability matter to you and your organization, we think the choice is obvious.

Can I upgrade my evaluation copy to the latest release?

Yes. Evaluators can download minor release and patch release upgrades that fall within the free evaluation period.


How can I upgrade my current Stylus Studio® license to a newer release?

The easiest way to upgrade from one product release to another (e.g., Stylus Studio® 2009, release 1 to Stylus Studio® 2009, release 2 or Stylus Studio® 2010, release 1) is to purchase Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP) for your current Stylus Studio® license. AUP is available for Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Edition and Stylus Studio® XML Professional Edition. AUP is not available for Stylus Studio® XML Home Edition. Separate upgrade licenses are also available to migrate from one product release to another, if AUP is not in force you must purchase AUP at the same time to be eligible to purchase an upgrade License. To purchase Annual Upgrade Protection, please email us at

How do I get software maintenance updates

Software maintenance updates (e.g., from Stylus Studio® 6 Release 1 build 501i, build 501j, build 501k...) are provided free. You can easily check on the availability of upgrades to your current version of Stylus Studio® by clicking Help > Check for Latest Version on the Stylus Studio® menu.

Do you offer upgrade protection or software maintenance?

Yes. Please read about our Annual Upgrade Protection program for more information.


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