Release Notes for Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2 XML Professional Edition

This document contains information specific to the current release of Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2. Consult the Stylus Studio Release Notes that are part of the Stylus Studio X15 Release 2 installation package for other important information.

Build BL1928m - January 22 2016

  • Preview from external processor fails with multi-byte encoding

Build BL1928l - January 8 2016

Build BL1928k - November 17 2015

  • Tree Preview shows incorrect output when multiple text nodes are present between elements
  • Tree Preview no longer reports when XML is not well-formed

Build BL1928j

  • StylusValidator command-line schema processor no longer requires full path for the schema argument

Build BL1928i

  • Added support for Apache FOP 2.0
    • Apache FOP 2.0 install On-Demand
    • XSLT and XQuery Post processing
    • Java Code Generation
    • XML Pipeline Execution Framework
    • XML Pipeline Java Code Generation

Build BL1928h

  • XSLT Editor: Editing via Parameter tab generates multiple xsl:output elements
  • XSLT/XQuery Mapping Tool: Attribute defined in imported schemas are generated in the wrong namespace
  • Open File Dialog crashes with invalid folder URL like c:/temp/

Build BL1928e

  • Update Saxon to version
  • System variable PATH was corrupted for processes started from Stylus Studio
  • .Net Schema processor: Replaced XMLValidatingReader with XMLReader
  • Java code based on Saxon Basic/Home thrown NPE during license check

Build BL1928d

Build BL1928c

  • Update Saxon to version
  • Fixed NPE when using xsl:result-document

Build BL1928b

  • Custom XSLT processors did not pay attention to the scenario output URL
  • Custom XSLT processors could not handle large result
  • Custom XSLT processors could freeze the UI while loading the Preview Window


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