Release Notes for Stylus Studio® 2011 XML

This document contains information specific to the current release of Stylus Studio® 2011, Build 1756a, as well as all previously released 1756 builds. Consult the Stylus Studio Release Notes that are part of the Stylus Studio 2011 installation package for other important information.

Build 1756a

  • XML Converters for Java Enhancements — XML Converters for Java has numerous enhancements in Stylus Studio 2011:
    • Support for New EDI Dialects — Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite now supports these EDI dialects:
      • ACORD AL3 (all group versions from 11/1989 to 11/2009 )
      • NCPDP Telecommunication (5.0 and later)
    • Support for New EDI Releases — XML Converters for Java provides support for these releases of currently supported EDI dialects:
      • EDIFACT: Versions D09A and D09B.
      • IATA Cargo-IMP: Versions 21 through 28.
      • NCPDP SCRIPT: Support for versions 1.0 through 7.1 has been added to existing support for versions 8.0 through 10.7.
      • X12 006020


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