Release Notes for Stylus Studio® 2008 XML Professional Edition

This document contains information specific to the current release of Stylus Studio® 2008, Build 1050g, as well as all previously released 1050 builds. Consult the Stylus Studio Release Notes that are part of the Stylus Studio 2008 installation package for other important information.

Build 1050g

Bug Fixes

Stylus Studio® 2008 Build 1050g includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • XQuery
    • The XQuery Mapper would not properly replace empty IF block mappings after they were edited.
    • Stylus Studio would convert & in document function URIs (doc(" ")) to the ampersand character (&) when indenting XQuery code.
    • The XQuery Mapper did not incorporate user-defined functions.
  • Relational Database Support
    • To use data from MySQL Enterprise Edition in an XQuery, create the RelationalDB connection in the File Explorer window. Next, expand the connection to expose its databases and tables in the File Explorer window. Drag only databases or tables from the File Explorer window — do not drag and drop the connection itself — and drop them on the data sources panel in the XQuery Editor. From there, drag and drop the tables for which you want to create collections in the XQuery Editor.
  • XSLT
    • The .NET XslCompiledTransform processor assumed XSLT output was always XML (and not text or HTML, for example).
    • The .NET XslCompiledTransform processor did not have support for binding XPath expressions.
  • XML Editor
    • The Indent XML Tags feature in the XML Editor moved any whitespace located between the beginning of an element and an entity reference.

    Build 1050e

    Bug Fixes

    Stylus Studio® 2008 Build 1050e includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • XQuery
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash when editing XQuery with the Saxon 9.0 XQuery processor.
    • XQuery Mapper would crash if you mapped the output port on one IF block to the flow port on another IF block .
  • Other
    • Chinese UI — Stylus Studio could crash if you were using the Simplified Chinese UI and an error condition resulting in the display of an error message occurred.
    • Associating XML Schema — Stylus Studio could crash if you attempted to associate an invalid XML Schema (.xsd file) with an XML document.
    • XSLT — Stylus Studio would fail to process XSLT source using the built-in Java processor if the XSLT source contained a syntax error.


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