Release Notes for Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Home Edition

This document contains information specific to the current release of Stylus Studio® 2007, Build 894m, as well as all previously released 894 builds. Consult the Stylus Studio Release Notes that are part of the Stylus Studio 2007 installation package for other important information.

Build 894m

Bug Fixes

Stylus Studio® 2007 Build 894m includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • XML Editor
    • The cursor was not placed on the proper column when identifying the location of an error (non-wellformed XML, for example) in the XML Editor.
  • XML Schema Editor
    • Stylus Studio crashed if you switched to the Documentation tab in the XML Editor when MSXML 4.0 was not installed.

    Build 894k

    Bug Fixes

    Stylus Studio® 2007 Build 894k includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • XML Editor
    • The View menu would sometimes not appear after undocking the XPath Query Editor window.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash when trying to use the XML Differencing module after using the XPath Query Editor to query an XML document.
    • The XML document would sometimes disappear from the Text tab after generating an XML Schema based on that document and then changing to the Schema tab and clicking the Open External Schema button.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash when reparsing large (greater than 100Mb) documents to which numerous large document segments had been copied.

    Build 894i

    Bug Fixes

    Stylus Studio® 2007 Build 894i includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • General
    • Stylus Studio Framework — The Automatically add the Base Catalog to New Projects setting on the Application Settings page of the Options dialog box was ignored when opening a file for editing.
    • XML Editor — Saving an XML document from the Text Editor after it had been parsed (for presentation in another editor, like the Tree Editor, for example) would result in the loss of any data not previously saved.
    • Stylus Studio URI Resolver — The Use Stylus Studio URI Resolver setting on the Processor tab of the XQuery and XSLT Scenario Settings dialog boxes should have been removed in the previous release. Checking this property would sometimes cause Stylus Studio to crash when processing XQuery or XSLT.


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