Release Notes for Stylus Studio® 2006 Release 2 Enterprise Edition

This document contains information specific to the current release of Stylus Studio® 2006 Release 2, Build 591d, as well as all previously released 591 builds. Consult the Stylus Studio Release Notes and readme that are part of the Stylus Studio 2006 Release 2 installation package for other important information.

Build 591d

Bug Fixes

Stylus Studio® 2006 Release 2 Build 591d includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash when deleting a source document from the Add Source Document pane in the XSLT Mapper.
  • Recent Internet Explorer patches would sometimes prevent Stylus Studio from displaying the symbol used to represent repeating elements in the WYSIWYG Editor.

Build 591c


The following enhancements are available in Build 591c:

  • A new URI option for the EDI adapter, setup=, allows you to exclude UNA sections from EDI converted from XML. By default, this option is set to yes, which includes UNA sections in the generated EDI. To exclude UNA sections, set setup=no.
  • A new URI option for the EDI adapter, count=, allows you to override segment count limits that are otherwise enforced by the EDI specification. By default, this option is set to yes, and segments are counted. To ingore segment counts, set count=no.
  • Ongoing improvements to features and performance.

Bug Fixes

Stylus Studio® 2006 Release 2 Build 591c includes fixes for the following known bugs:

  • XSLT
    • The WYSIWYG HTML Editor would sometimes crash if you changed the current Properties window tab while editing a value in the HTML canvas.
    • The XSLT Mapper did not always correctly render parameter ports for xsl:template blocks.
  • XQuery
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash when attempting to execute multiple Web service calls from within the same XQuery.
    • If you were using the Saxon XQuery processor, use of Java extensions would sometimes cause silent exceptions in the Output window.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash trying to insert a text node as a child of a document constructor expression.
  • XML Schema
    • Saxon was incorrectly listed as a validation engine for XML Schema.
    • Macros for the XML Schema diagram were not displayed in the Shortcut Keys (Tools > Keyboard) dialog box.
    • Stylus Studio would sometimes crash if you used the XML Schema Diagram to restrict a simpleType.
    • Stylus Studio could not always locate included complexTypes in the XML Schema Diagram.
    • XSDdoc was defined as the default stylesheet for displaying XML Schema documentation; the correct default is XS3P.
    • Displaying the Documenation tab using XSDdoc would sometimes result in an error if you had previously previewed an XSLT stylesheet using the XalanJ processor.
  • Other
    • External DTDs — External DTDs that defined entities using an entity reference did not successfully validate using Stylus Studio's built-in validation engine.
    • Document Wizards — Stylus Studio would sometimes add unnecessary quotation marks to a document path containing spaces, resulting in errors.
    • Tool Tips — The tool tips, which appear when you first start Stylus Studio, incorrectly referred to the command line executable for the XML Differencing Utility. The correct file name is StylusDiff.exe.
    • DB-to-XML — Stylus Studio would sometimes throw an error when trying to instantiate a default database connection that required a password.
    • Convert to XML — The Convert to XML Editor would sometimes crash if you tried to create a fixed region on a comment or a row that did not match the current pattern.
    • Java Support — Stylus Studio did not prevent you from using Stylus Studio with Java releases prior to 1.4.2. (Stylus Studio requires at least Java 1.4.2.)
    • Adapters — Tab-separated-values and column-separated-values adapters would sometimes close tags in an unexpected order if the last field in a row did not contain any content.
    • Web Service Call Composer — The Web Service Call Composer did not always correctly handle RPC/literal SOAP messages.


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