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Reinsured objects list message

Contr. Agency:UN
SOURCE:TBG8 Insurance

Reinsured objects list message
  2. SCOPE
    1. Functional definition
    2. Field of application
    3. Principles
    1. Standard terms and definitions
    1. Segment clarification
    2. Segment index (alphabetical sequence by tag)
    3. Message structure
      1. Segment table

For general information on UN standard message types see UN Trade Data Interchange Directory, UNTDID, Part 4, Section 2.3, UN/ECE UNSM General Introduction

This message also occurs in the following versions of this standard:
D00A, D00B, D01A, D01B, D01C, D02A, D02B, D03A, D03B, D04A, D04B


This specification provides the definition of the Reinsured objects list message (RELIST) to be used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between trading partners involved in administration, commerce and transport.


1.1. Functional definition

The RELIST provides partners involved in the placing of a reinsurance contract or endorsement structured details on individual items to be reinsured (partly for facultative risks); this generic item list can give details on any type of item, ranging from individual vessels, buildings, industrial sites, aircraft to exhibitions, fleets and groups of buildings or employees to name a few.

1.2. Field of application

The Reinsured objects list message may be used for both national and international applications. It is based on universal practice related to administration, commerce and transport, and is not dependent on the type of business or industry.

1.3. Principles

As RELIST message is a supporting message to the RECORD message it has therefore the same main structure (header, contract identification, subdivisions). Per subdivision, a set of generic and specific segments have been grouped to report any relevant and structural information relating to individual risks, such as type of aircraft or vessel, category, year, built, relevant measurements, etc.

RELIST is one of a complimentary pair of messages for the placing of reinsurance business. The core business data for the contract is carried in the message RECORD whilst RELIST carries details of all the items covered under the terms of the contract.


See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 1.


3.1. Standard terms and definitions

See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 2.


4.1. Segment clarification

This section should be read in conjunction with the segment table which indicates mandatory, conditional and repeating requirements.

0010 UNH, Message header

A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Reinsured objects list message is RELIST.

Note: Reinsured objects list messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009:

Data element0065RELIST

0020 BGM, Beginning of message

To specify name and reference of the message.

0030 DTM, Date/time/period

To specify dates relating to the transaction and the contract version.

0040 AGR, Agreement identification

To specify the placing stage.

0050 RFF, Reference

To specify the risk reference.

0060 Segment Group 1: PNA-ATT-RFF-SG2

To specify parties related to the transaction, their references, contacts and communication means.

0070 PNA, Party identification

To specify the sender and receiver of the transaction, and optionally the information originator (in case the message is simply passed on) and third parties that will receive a courtesy copy or to whom this message needs to be distributed by the receiver.

0080 ATT, Attribute

To describe the business function of the party named.

0090 RFF, Reference

To specify party specific references to the contract.

0100 Segment Group 2: CTA-COM

This group is used to specify contact persons or departments within the named party.

0110 CTA, Contact information

To specify the contact within the named party.

0120 COM, Communication contact

To specify the means of communicating with the named party contact.

0130 Segment Group 3: IDE-SG4

To identify the contract or section to which the reinsured object(s) pertain.

0140 IDE, Identity

To identify the section that the reinsured object/person relates to, or the contract.

0150 Segment Group 4: ROD-RFF-FTX-PNA-DTM-QTY-NAT-SG5-SG7-SG8-

SG9 To identify the reinsured object and all its relevant

0160 ROD, Risk object type

To identify the type of reinsured object.

0170 RFF, Reference

Identification of the reinsured object via one or more references.

0180 FTX, Free text

To give textual details regarding the reinsured object.

0190 PNA, Party identification

To name the reinsured party and/or to specify parties related to the reinsured object.

0200 DTM, Date/time/period

To express dates and time indications relating to the reinsured object (including age).

0210 QTY, Quantity

To express quantities relating to the reinsured object or person.

0220 NAT, Nationality

To express the nationality(ies) of a person or the flag of a conveyance.

0230 Segment Group 5: PER-SG6

This group is used to specify any period relating to the reinsured object or person - in particular various coverage periods.

0240 PER, Period related details

To specify the main period details.

0250 Segment Group 6: DTM-GEI

This group allows specification of dates or durations related to the coverage period.

0260 DTM, Date/time/period

To indicate dates and/or duration for the contract coverage. One repeat of the date/time/period segment will typically be used to render the 'start date' of the period. It can however also be used to specify the period duration. The other repeat is typically to be used to render the end date of the period. In case one repeat was used to specify the duration, then the other one will be used to specify the (estimated) end date/time.

0270 GEI, Processing information

To give date or period related indicators such as 'date included', 'date not known' etc.

0280 Segment Group 7: ADR-DTM

To express the address(es) of the reinsured person or object. In case of cargo risks (including exhibitions and concerts), each location may be linked to dates or periods.

0290 ADR, Address

To specify the location or address of the reinsured object or person.

0300 DTM, Date/time/period

To express dates and periods related to the location.

0310 Segment Group 8: ATT-APP-DTM-PCD

To specify the type of activity(-ies) the reinsured object or person is involved in and its applicability. Per activity, the time spent on a yearly basis can be expressed either as a number of time units or as a percentage of the total.

0320 ATT, Attribute

To describe the activity of the reinsured object or person.

0330 APP, Applicability

To specify the applicability of this activity in relation to the contract, such as excluded.

0340 DTM, Date/time/period

To express the activity as a number of time units per year.

0350 PCD, Percentage details

To express the activity as a percentage of the total per year (total = 100%).

0360 Segment Group 9: PRV-APP-MOA-RTE-DTM-QTY-ATT-SG10

To express coverages, deductibles, deductions and premiums related to a specific reinsured object or person.

0370 PRV, Proviso details

To identify the proviso for which details will be specified.

0380 APP, Applicability

To specify the applicability of the proviso in relation to the contract.

0390 MOA, Monetary amount

To express the proviso as an amount.

0400 RTE, Rate details

To express the proviso as a rate.

0410 DTM, Date/time/period

To express dates, times and periods related to the proviso.

0420 QTY, Quantity

To express quantities related to the proviso.

0430 ATT, Attribute

To specify attributes of the proviso, such as type of activity, origin of business and class of business.

0440 Segment Group 10: BAS-APP

A group of segments to specify the basis for the proviso and give details of how the basis is to be applied.

0450 BAS, Basis

To specify one basis for the proviso, such as deduction basis, premium basis.

0460 APP, Applicability

To specify how the basis has been applied.

0470 UNT, Message trailer

A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.

4.2. Segment index (alphabetical sequence by tag)

ADR Address
AGR Agreement identification
APP Applicability
ATT Attribute
BAS Basis
BGM Beginning of message
COM Communication contact
CTA Contact information
DTM Date/time/period
FTX Free text
GEI Processing information
IDE Identity
MOA Monetary amount
NAT Nationality
PCD Percentage details
PER Period related details
PNA Party identification
PRV Proviso details
QTY Quantity
RFF Reference
ROD Risk object type
RTE Rate details
UNH Message header
UNT Message trailer

4.3. Message structure

4.3.1. Segment table

├─UNH Message header ×1 (M)
├─BGM Beginning of message ×1 (M)
├─DTM Date/time/period ×9 (M)
├─AGR Agreement identification ×1 (M)
├─RFF Reference ×1 (M)
├─Segment Group 1 ×99 (M)
├─PNA Party identification ×1 (M)
├─ATT Attribute ×1 (C)
├─RFF Reference ×9 (C)
└─Segment Group 2 ×9 (C)
──├─CTA Contact information ×1 (M)
──└─COM Communication contact ×9 (C)
├─Segment Group 3 ×99 (M)
├─IDE Identity ×1 (M)
└─Segment Group 4 ×999 (M)
──├─ROD Risk object type ×1 (M)
──├─RFF Reference ×9 (C)
──├─FTX Free text ×9 (C)
──├─PNA Party identification ×99 (C)
──├─DTM Date/time/period ×9 (C)
──├─QTY Quantity ×9 (C)
──├─NAT Nationality ×9 (C)
──├─Segment Group 5 ×9 (C)
──├─PER Period related details ×1 (M)
──└─Segment Group 6 ×2 (C)
────├─DTM Date/time/period ×1 (M)
────└─GEI Processing information ×1 (C)
──├─Segment Group 7 ×9 (C)
──├─ADR Address ×1 (M)
──└─DTM Date/time/period ×9 (C)
──├─Segment Group 8 ×99 (C)
──├─ATT Attribute ×1 (M)
──├─APP Applicability ×1 (C)
──├─DTM Date/time/period ×9 (C)
──└─PCD Percentage details ×9 (C)
──└─Segment Group 9 ×9 (C)
────├─PRV Proviso details ×1 (M)
────├─APP Applicability ×1 (C)
────├─MOA Monetary amount ×9 (C)
────├─RTE Rate details ×9 (C)
────├─DTM Date/time/period ×9 (C)
────├─QTY Quantity ×9 (C)
────├─ATT Attribute ×99 (C)
────└─Segment Group 10 ×9 (C)
──────├─BAS Basis ×1 (M)
──────└─APP Applicability ×1 (C)
└─UNT Message trailer ×1 (M)

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