Working with XPath Queries

When you display the XPath Query Editor, an empty query is created for you. The query name, Query1, is displayed on a tab in the XPath Query Editor window.You can start typing the XPath expression on the first line in the editing pane; use the Enter key to move the cursor to a new line.

You can create up to sixty-four queries for a single document; each is given the name Queryn, where n is a unique number incremented by one. You cannot name queries.

Queries are saved with the project. Changes you make - either to query expressions, or creating and deleting queries - are saved when you save the project, and not the document.

Executing the Query

Stylus Studio executes XPath query expressions based on the cursor's current position in the document, regardless of which editor is currently active.

To execute the query:

Stylus Studio processes the query and displays the result in the results pane.



Creating a New Query

To create a new query:

A new tab appears in the XPath Query Editor.


Deleting a Query

To delete a query:

The tab associated with the query is removed from the XPath Query Editor. The query itself is deleted when you save the project.


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