Adding an XQuery Node

Now that we understand how the XQuery code in createFullOrder.xquery uses a FLWOR expression to join data from our data sources, we can add it to our XML pipeline.

To add an XQuery node to an XML pipeline:
1. Drag the XQuery icon from the Toolbox pane and drop it on the XML pipeline canvas.

Stylus Studio creates an XQuery node and displays it in the XML pipeline diagram.

2. Display the Properties window (View > Properties) if it is not already open.
3. Display the Project window (View > Project) if it is not already open.
4. Drag createFullOrder.xquery and drop it on either

The XQuery node now has two additional input ports, one named allBooks, and the other named ediOrder.

These input ports are colored green, indicating that each has a default value specified for it. These default values correspond to the two data sources we specified as source documents in the XQuery Mapper.

Changes to Source Documents

XML pipelines reference external documents, like the createFullOrder.xquery document we just added. They do not create copies of these documents. Therefore, when changes to a source document are saved, the XML pipeline picks up these changes the next time it is executed.

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