EDI Data Integration

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use Stylus Studio adapter URL technologies to convert EDI to XML, and then to save the modified XML back to EDI again.

Getting EDI to XML and back to EDI Again: Round Trip Engineering using Stylus Studio URL Adapters covers the following topics:

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  1. Converting Flat Files to XML
  2. Converting EDI to XML
  3. Converting XML to EDI
  4. Deploying Your Applications
  • How to use Stylus Studio's Adapter URL technologies to convert EDI to XML and back again.
  • Converting an EDI data model to XML Schema with the EDIFACT to XML Schema wizard.
  • Overview of the built-in XML Converters for working with hundreds of different EDI formats.
  • Customizing the way EDI segments are converted to XML in Stylus Studio.
  • Converting the EDI 96A Message Type to an XML document.
  • Using the Stylus Studio XSLT Mapper to get the converted XML into a more formal XML standard.
  • Using the EDIFACT to XML Schema wizard to generate an XML Schema based on the EDI 96A Message Schema.
  • Configuring the EDIFACT to XML Schema Wizard.
  • Browsing a converted EDIFACT data model in the XML Schema Editor.
  • Validating a converted EDI document against an XML Schema.
  • Using Stylus Studio's adapter URL to write back changes made to the XML into its original EDI format (round-trip conversion).
  • Customizing the display options in the XSLT mapper.

For more information about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), join the ongoing EDI discussion at EDI-L, a popular forum for discussing EDI topics.

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