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July 2012 - Recap the 1st Half of 2012

Greetings from Stylus Studio!
2012 has been a great year so far. Stylus Studio continues to grow and X14 has been our best release ever! We wanted to take the time to look back at the first half of 2012. There have been some great additions of the Stylus Scoop with awesome articles. We appreciate all the positive feedback on the articles and tutorials.

The most popular article of the year so far has been "Mapping Farmers' Markets in Google Earth using XSLT". If you have not read it yet, we encourage you to check out this article along with the others from the first half of the year.

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Intro to XSLT 3.0

March 2012 - This month we wanted to share an introduction to XSLT 3.0 with the Stylus Studio Community. Stylus Studio decided to be on the cutting edge, introducing support for the current XSLT 3.0 working draft in version X14 in order to let the community start developing using the new language edition.

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Mapping in Google Earth using XSLT

April 2012 - This month we shared an awesome demo built by our Lead Developer that uses Stylus Studio, XML, XSLT and Google Earth. The demo is titled "Mapping Farmers' Markets in Google Earth using XSLT". Take a look and give it a try.

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Building Dashboards with XSLT

May 2012 - In May of 2012 we shared a fantastic tutorial on building dashboards for businesses using XSLT. Dashboards are the ideal way to display and track information. This is a great tutorial to check out and try for yourself.

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Purchase Orders: EDI X12, XML and PDF

June 2012 - This month's Scoop was about the "Lifecycle of a Purchase Order: EDI X12, XML and PDF". This article explores the path of a purchase order in a supply chain network, and shows how Stylus Studio X14 is used to develop the order, as well as manipulate and store the data.

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