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7233 -

Packaging related information, coded
UN/CEFACT Revision 1997A Code List

Desc:Code giving packaging, handling and marking related information.
This table also occurs in the following versions of this standard:
D00A, D00B, D01A, D01B, D01C, D02A, D02B, D03A, D03B, D04A, D04B, D93A, D94A, D94B, D95A, D95B, D96A, D96B, D97A, D97B, D98A, D98B, D99A, D99B

34Product marking
Self explanatory.
35Type of package
Self explanatory.
36Package specifications
Self explanatory.
37Package protection
Self explanatory.
Description to be provided.
39Platform/skid location
Description to be provided.
40Bearing piece location
Description to be provided.
41Skid/pallet type
Description to be provided.
42Placement on carrier
Description to be provided.
43Spacing directions
Descriptions to be provided.
44Unloading device
Description to be provided.
45Unloading equipment
Self explanatory.
50Package barcoded EAN-13 or EAN-8
The package is barcoded with EAN-13 or EAN-8 code.
51Package barcoded ITF-14 or ITF-6
The package is barcoded with ITF-14 or ITF-6 code.
52Package barcoded UCC or EAN-128
The package is barcoded with UCC or EAN-128 code.
53Package price marked
The package is marked with the price.
54Product ingredients marked on package
The ingredients of the product contained in a package are marked on that package.
55Core characteristics
Specifies the characteristics of the core of the package.
Shipping requirement
The packaging as per shipping requirement.
Customs requirement
The packaging as per Customs requirement.
Transport contract requirement
The packaging as per transport contract requirement.
Preservation method
The packaging related information is for methods of preservation.
60Product marking pattern
Self explanatory.
61Product marking location
Self explanatory.
62Package/container mark location
Self explanatory.
63Marking method
Self explanatory.
66Receiving facility limitations
Description to be provided.
67Tagging/bar code instructions
Description to be provided.
68Shipping package labelling
Self explanatory.
69Shipping package sealing
Self explanatory.
Optional packaging procedure
To indicate an optional procedure for packaging.
Cleaning or drying specification
Identification of the cleaning or drying specification.
Cushioning thickness specification
Identification of the cushioning thickness specification.
Cushioning and dunnage specification
Identification of the cushioning and dunnage specification.
Level of preservation specification
Identification of the level of preservation specification.
Preservation material specification
Identification of the preservation material specification.
Unit container specification
Identification of the unit container specification.
Material wrapping specification
Identification of the material wrapping specification.

Change indicators
plus sign An addition.
asterisk Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element.
hash or pound sign Changes to names.
vertical bar Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions.
minus sign A deletion.
letter X Marked for deletion.

Usage indicators
Used in batch messages only.
Common usage in both batch and interactive messages.
Used in interactive messages only.

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