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Consignment packing sequence
UN/CEFACT Revision 1996B Segment List

Function:To identify the sequence in which physical packing is presented in the consignment, and optionally to identify the hierarchical relationship between packing layers.
This segment also occurs in the following versions of this standard:
D93A, D94A, D94B, D95A, D95B, D96A, D96B, D97A, D97B, D98A, D98B, D99A, D99B, D00A, D00B, D01A, D01B, D01C, D02A, D02B, D03A, D03B, D04A, D04B

Pos Segment M/C Repeat Repr. Notes
010 7164 Hierarchical id. number M 1 an..12
020 7166 Hierarchical parent id. C 1 an..12
030 7075 Packaging level, coded C 1 an..3

M/CMandatory or Conditional
Repr.Representation (Data or Content Type)

Segment CPS is used in the following messages:

Change indicators
plus sign An addition.
asterisk Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element.
hash or pound sign Changes to names.
vertical bar Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions.
minus sign A deletion.
letter X Marked for deletion.

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