Stylus Studio can read and write well-formed XML documents (.xml, .xsl, and so on) from/to TigerLogic XDMS collections. In Stylus Studio, you reference external files using a URL. The URL used to access TigerLogic XDMS files is tig://server:port/database_ name/collection_name/file_name.xml:

For example, to access the auction.xml document in mycollection, you might enter the following in the URL field of the Stylus Studio Open dialog box:


Note Stylus Studio treats collections very much like directories, and the XML documents stored within a collection are treated like files within a directory.

You can save files back to the same collection from which they were read, or to some other file system (your local machine, for example). You can create new collections.

TigerLogic XDMS Version Support

Stylus Studio supports TigerLogic XDMS Version 2.6.

Free Stylus Studio XML Training: