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Starting with Stylus Studio X15 you can use the following instructions:

Create a response file running the installer using the following command line. Be careful, there is no space after the f1 argument and, the file path cannot contain special characters like a space or underscore ( _ )

stylus-studio-professional-15r1.exe -r /f1c:\StylusStudioPro.iss

The command starts the Stylus Studio installer in interactive mode. Follow the installation steps, click yes on the license page, choose the destination folder, etc. 
When the installation is completed, your actions are captured into 


You can now install Stylus Studio on the target machine in silent mode. 

Create a simple text file named “X15 XML Professional Suite.key” with the activation key in it.

The procedure needs 3 files: the installer, the response file and the license key file

- stylus-studio-professional-15r1.exe
- StylusStudioPro.iss
- X15 XML Professional Suite.key

To run the installer, use the following command line. Notice that the process returns when the installation is completed. The path to the .iss file can be different as long as there are no special characters. 

start /wait stylus-studio-professional-15r1.exe -s /f1c:\StylusStudioPro.iss

After your script has performed the above steps, copy “X15 XML Professional Suite.key” to
c:\ProgramData\Stylus Studio\X15 XML Professional Suite.key

Hope this helps
Ivan Pedruzzi
Stylus Studio Team

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