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Guy WeinbergSubject: Convert XSL to XSL:fo
Author: Guy Weinberg
Date: 09 Nov 2005 06:02 AM

Is there a way to open an XSLT file in Stylus and generate an XSL:FO file from it?
In other words, can Stylus transform an XSLT file to an XSL:FO file?


Guy Weinberg

(Deleted User) Subject: Convert XSL to XSL:fo
Author: (Deleted User)
Date: 09 Nov 2005 08:10 AM
Guy, We think you are trying to convert apples to oranges.

An XSLT file (the T stands for transformation) is a set of rules to transform one file (XML) to another file (XML, HTML, XSL:FO, etc).
XML, HTML, XSL:FO files are the data files (although HTML and XSL:FO) also contain formatting information.

Normally, an XSLT file contains no data, just transformation rules.
An XSL:FO file contains data and formatting information. So what would it mean to convert the XSLT file to an XSL:FO file? Where would the data come from?

Clyde Kessel

Shaul DarSubject: Convert XSL to XSL:fo
Author: Shaul Dar
Date: 09 Nov 2005 08:52 AM

I work with Guy, and here is our problem. We have been using Altova's StyleVision to create report template, and present them in both HTML (through XSLT) and PDF (through XSL:FO). StyleVision knows how to create both transformations from the same "design" (for lack of a better term).As you know, the design is created in their propietary SPS representation.

We are considering switching to InfoPath for creating the "design" (since it is a much simpler WYSIWYG tool) and generating the XSLT, but need an XSL:FO definition to go with it (the actual rendering can be done by many tools, such as renderx). This is required for PDF output, controling pagination, having non-trivial headers and footers etc.

We considered using StyleVision for this, as you suggest in http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.public.office.xml/browse_thread/thread/97171513acf21ebc/4223f2151b0ffb39. But we do not want to create the XSL:FO transformation from scratch, rather we would love to have a way to generate it from the existing XSLT transformation + the XML data (to answer your question on where the data would come from).

Can Stylus or any other tool you know of accomplish that?

-- Shaul

Shaul DarSubject: Convert XSL to XSL:fo
Author: Shaul Dar
Date: 09 Nov 2005 08:53 AM
Sorry, I meant "We considered using Stylus..."

-- Shaul

(Deleted User) Subject: Convert XSL to XSL:fo
Author: (Deleted User)
Date: 09 Nov 2005 02:24 PM
We are not aware of any tool which will read your XSLT or HTML and automatically convert it to another XSLT for generating XSL:FO.
You can, of course, use Stylus to build the desired XSLT yourself.

Sorry for all the confusion,
Clyde Kessel

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