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May 2007

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Introductory Pricing on Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2

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Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 - Now available for free trial download.

Dear Stylus Studio Friend,

Stylus Studio® 2007 Release 2 is now available for online purchase or free trial download. This is our biggest "Release 2" ever, and we're pleased to offer brand-new XML tools, including a Query plan for visualizing and optimizing the execution of XQuery applications, advanced XML report generation tools, support for gigabyte-size XML documents, and Chinese localization. And if that's not enough, Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite Release 2 bundles the new DataDirect XML Converters 3.0 and DataDirect XQuery 3.0 releases! Read on for more information, or skip to the chase and try it yourself.

To celebrate this historic release, we're offering introductory pricing of 25 percent off all Stylus Studio products through next Friday. That's right – the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award and CRN Product of the Year can be yours for 25 percent off our every-day price. To take advantage of a great price on Stylus Studio's innovative new XML tools, just use the coupon code: NEW-SLOA-SALE when you purchase Stylus Studio from our online store. We're confident that you'll like what you see in this new release, and at this price you have nothing to lose.

Ivan Pedruzzi, Stylus Studio Product Manager

Table of Contents, May 2007

> Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite Released
> Limited-Time Introductory Pricing Details
> Stylus Studio 2007 Wins the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award

1) Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 Now Available

Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2, the latest and greatest major update to our industry leading XML IDE, is now available for free trial download or online purchase. Continuing a 10-year tradition of innovation and excellence, Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 is packed with many exciting new features and enhancements geared towards enhancing XML developer productivity through innovation. Here are just some of the highlights of our newest Stylus Studio release:

  • Query Plan: Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 introduces a new query plan utility. The new Plan tab in the XQuery Editor lets you visualize query execution plans and gain valuable insight into how DataDirect XQuery will execute your XQuery application, including seeing the type of SQL statements that are used to access relational data, when XML streaming is being used, which temporary tables are being created, when variables are being called, and more. Query plan support is available for any XQuery that uses the DataDirect XQuery processor.
  • Support for Grouping Data Sources in XML Publisher: In Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2, XML Publisher lets you create even more advanced reports through support for grouping data from nodes in one or more data sources. Using the new Create Relationship Dialog Box, you visually define relationships between different data sources, or between different data islands within the same source and then add those relationships to your XML reports using simple drag-and-drop functionality. And XQuery and XSLT code generation for HTML+CSS and XSL-FO is still just a click away.
  • Support for Gigabyte Size XML Files: Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 implements new optimizations that permit the editing of huge XML documents. (This isn't marketing hyperbole – we're talking documents in the multi-gigabyte range!) Previous versions of Stylus Studio were no slouches, but editing tended to be limited to documents of around several hundred megabytes. With the new enhancements, significantly larger XML documents can be handled with ease, and at quicker execution times than experienced before.
  • Bundled DataDirect XML Converters 3.0: DataDirect XML Converters are high-performance Java and .NET components that provide bi-directional, programmatic access to virtually any non-XML file including EDIFACT, X12, IATA, EANCOM and flat files — but what if you need to work with some other proprietary data format? Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 provides powerful integrated tools for visually developing your own custom XML conversions, extending DataDirect XML Converters to work with virtually any kind of legacy file. Additionally, integration with our code generator and XML Pipeline tools further simplifies XML data integration application development process.
  • Bundled DataDirect XQuery 3.0: DataDirect XQuery is an implementation of XQuery that can query XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI, or a combination of data sources. And the latest version of this powerful XQuery processor, DataDirect XQuery 3.0, is bundled with Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, putting the fastest, most reliable, and most scalable XQuery support for all major relational databases at your fingertips.

We could keep writing about the exciting new features in Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2, but why not see for yourself and download a free trial or purchase a license from our online shop today!

2) Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 Limited-Time Introductory Pricing Details

Stylus Studio has announced introductory pricing for our award-winning XML IDE! Just use the coupon code: NEW-SLOA-SALE at our online shop. Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions about this exciting price roll-back.

Q: How much will I save?
A: We're offering an unprecedented twenty-five percent on top of the already reduced prices from our online shop when you use the coupon code: NEW-SLOA-SALE.

Q: When does this all expire?
A: Act before Friday, May 11, 2007.

Q: And what happens after May 11, 2007?
A: The sale will end, so don't delay!

Q: What was the coupon code again?
A: The coupon code is: NEW-SLOA-SALE

Q: Do I have this right? The all-new Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2, featuring more powerful and productive features than ever before, is now offered at astonishing introductory prices, but only through next week, and I have to act now or regret it forever?
A: We think regret is unhealthy, but, yes. Buy Stylus Studio now!

3) Stylus Studio Earns the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite was recently awarded the Jolt Productivity Award in the Design and Modeling Category for CMP Technology's Dr. Dobb's 17th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards.

The Stylus Studio group's mission statement is to enhance XML productivity through innovation, so winning the Jolt Productivity Award is thus a particularly meaningful achievement for our entire team. We sincerely thank the Jolt judges and you our customers for this great honor.