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UN/CEFACT Revision 2004B Code List

1001Document name codean..3
1049Message section codean..3
1073Document line action codean..3
1153Reference code qualifieran..3
1159Sequence identifier source codean..3
1225Message function codean..3
1227Calculation sequence codean..3
1229Action request/notification description codean..3
1373Document status codean..3
1501Computer environment details code qualifieran..3
1503Data format description codean..3
1505Value list type codean..3
1507Designated class codean..3
2005Date or time or period function code qualifieran..3
2009Terms time relation codean..3
2013Frequency codean..3
2015Despatch pattern codean..3
2017Despatch pattern timing codean..3
2023Period type code qualifieran..3
2151Period type codean..3
2155Charge period type codean..3
2379Date or time or period format codean..3
2475Time reference codean..3
3035Party function code qualifieran..3
3045Party name format codean..3
3055Code list responsible agency codean..3
3077Test medium codean..3
3079Organisation classification codean..3
3083Organisational class name codean..17
3131Address type codean..3
3139Contact function codean..3
3153Communication medium type codean..3
3155Communication address code qualifieran..3
3227Location function code qualifieran..3
3237Sample location description codean..3
3279Geographic area codean..3
3285Instruction receiving party identifieran..35
3289Person characteristic code qualifieran..3
3295Name original alphabet codean..3
3299Address purpose codean..3
3301Enacting party identifieran..35
3397Name status codean..3
3401Name component usage codean..3
3403Name type codean..3
3405Name component type code qualifieran..3
3455Language code qualifieran..3
3457Originator type codean..3
3475Address status codean..3
3477Address format codean..3
3479Marital status description codean..3
3493Nationality code qualifieran..3
4017Delivery plan commitment level codean..3
4025Business function codean..3
4027Business function type code qualifieran..3
4035Priority type code qualifieran..3
4037Priority description codean..3
4043Trade class codean..3
4049Certainty description codean..3
4051Characteristic relevance codean..3
4053Delivery or transport terms description codean..3
4055Delivery or transport terms function codean..3
4059Clause code qualifieran..3
4065Contract and carriage condition codean..3
4071Proviso code qualifieran..3
4079Handling instruction description codean..3
4183Special condition codean..3
4215Transport charges payment method codean..3
4219Transport service priority codean..3
4221Discrepancy nature identification codean..3
4233Marking instructions codean..3
4237Payment arrangement codean..3
4277Payment terms description identifieran..17
4279Payment terms type code qualifieran..3
4295Change reason description codean..3
4343Response type codean..3
4347Product identifier code qualifieran..3
4383Bank operation codean..3
4401Instruction description codean..3
4403Instruction type code qualifieran..3
4405Status description codean..3
4407Sample process step codean..3
4419Test administration method codean..3
4431Payment guarantee means codean..3
4435Payment channel codean..3
4437Account type code qualifieran..3
4439Payment conditions codean..3
4447Free text format codean..3
4451Text subject code qualifieran..3
4453Free text function codean..3
4455Back order arrangement type codean..3
4457Substitution condition codean..3
4461Payment means codean..3
4463Intra-company payment indicator codean..3
4465Adjustment reason description codean..3
4471Settlement means codean..3
4475Accounting entry type name codean..17
4487Financial transaction type codean..3
4493Delivery instruction codean..3
4499Inventory movement reason codean..3
4501Inventory movement direction codean..3
4503Inventory balance method codean..3
4505Credit cover request type codean..3
4507Credit cover response type codean..3
4509Credit cover response reason codean..3
4511Requested information description codean..3
4513Maintenance operation codean..3
4517Seal condition codean..3
5007Monetary amount function description codean..3
5013Index code qualifieran..3
5025Monetary amount type code qualifieran..3
5027Index type identifieran..17
5039Index representation codean..3
5047Contribution code qualifieran..3
5049Contribution type description codean..3
5125Price code qualifieran..3
5153Duty or tax or fee type name codean..3
5189Allowance or charge identification codean..3
5213Sub-line item price change operation codean..3
5237Charge category codean..3
5243Rate or tariff class description codean..9
5245Percentage type code qualifieran..3
5249Percentage basis identification codean..3
5261Charge unit codean..3
5267Service type codean..3
5273Duty or tax or fee rate basis codean..12
5283Duty or tax or fee function code qualifieran..3
5305Duty or tax or fee category codean..3
5315Remuneration type name codean..3
5375Price type codean..3
5379Product group type codean..3
5387Price specification codean..3
5393Price multiplier type code qualifieran..3
5419Rate type code qualifieran..3
5463Allowance or charge code qualifieran..3
5495Sub-line indicator codean..3
5501Rate plan codean..3
6029Geographical position code qualifieran..3
6063Quantity type code qualifieran..3
6069Control total type code qualifieran..3
6071Frequency code qualifieran..3
6077Result representation codean..3
6079Result normalcy codean..3
6085Dosage administration code qualifieran..3
6087Result value type code qualifieran..3
6145Dimension type code qualifieran..3
6155Non-discrete measurement name codean..17
6167Range type code qualifieran..3
6173Size type code qualifieran..3
6245Temperature type code qualifieran..3
6311Measurement purpose code qualifieran..3
6313Measured attribute codean..3
6321Measurement significance codean..3
6331Statistic type code qualifieran..3
6341Exchange rate currency market identifieran..3
6343Currency type code qualifieran..3
6347Currency usage code qualifieran..3
6353Unit type code qualifieran..3
6415Clinical information type code qualifieran..3
7001Physical or logical state type code qualifieran..3
7007Physical or logical state description codean..3
7009Item description codean..17
7011Item availability codean..3
7039Sample selection method codean..3
7045Sample state codean..3
7047Sample direction codean..3
7059Class type codean..3
7073Packaging terms and conditions codean..3
7075Packaging level codean..3
7077Description format codean..3
7081Item characteristic codean..3
7083Configuration operation codean..3
7085Cargo type classification codean..3
7133Product details type code qualifieran..3
7143Item type identification codean..3
7161Special service description codean..3
7171Hierarchical structure relationship codean..3
7173Hierarchy object code qualifieran..3
7187Process type description codean..17
7233Packaging related description codean..3
7273Service requirement codean..3
7293Sector area identification code qualifieran..3
7295Requirement or condition description identifieran..17
7297Set type code qualifieran..3
7299Requirement designator codean..3
7365Processing indicator description codean..3
7383Surface or layer codean..3
7405Object identification code qualifieran..3
7429Indexing structure code qualifieran..3
7431Agreement type code qualifieran..3
7433Agreement type description codean..3
7449Membership type code qualifieran..3
7451Membership category description codean..4
7455Membership level code qualifieran..3
7459Attendee category description codean..3
7491Inventory type codean..3
7493Damage details code qualifieran..3
7495Object type code qualifieran..3
7497Structure component function code qualifieran..3
7511Marking type codean..3
7515Structure type codean..3
8015Traffic restriction codean..3
8025Conveyance call purpose description codean..3
8035Traffic restriction type code qualifieran..3
8051Transport stage code qualifieran..3
8053Equipment type code qualifieran..3
8077Equipment supplier codean..3
8101Transit direction indicator codean..3
8155Equipment size and type description codean..10
8169Full or empty indicator codean..3
8179Transport means description codean..8
8249Equipment status codean..3
8273Dangerous goods regulations codean..3
8275Container or package contents indicator codean..3
8281Transport means ownership indicator codean..3
8323Transport movement codean..3
8335Movement type description codean..3
8339Packaging danger level codean..3
8341Haulage arrangements codean..3
8393Returnable package load contents codean..3
8395Returnable package freight payment responsibility codean..3
8457Excess transportation reason codean..3
8459Excess transportation responsibility codean..3
9003Employment details code qualifieran..3
9013Status reason description codean..3
9015Status category codean..3
9017Attribute function code qualifieran..3
9023Definition function codean..3
9025Definition extent codean..3
9029Value definition code qualifieran..3
9031Edit mask representation codean..3
9035Qualification application area codean..3
9037Qualification type code qualifieran..3
9039Facility type description codean..3
9043Reservation identifier code qualifieran..3
9045Basis code qualifieran..3
9051Applicability code qualifieran..3
9141Relationship type code qualifieran..3
9143Relationship description codean..3
9153Simple data element character representation codean..3
9155Length type codean..3
9161Code set indicator codean..3
9169Data representation type codean..3
9175Data element usage type codean..3
9213Duty regime type codean..3
9285Validation criteria codean..3
9303Sealing party name codean..3
9353Government procedure codean..3
9411Government involvement codean..3
9415Government agency identification codean..3
9417Government action codean..3
9421Process stage code qualifieran..3
9437Clinical intervention description codean..17
9441Clinical intervention type code qualifieran..3
9443Attendance type code qualifieran..3
9447Discharge type description codean..3
9453Code value source codean..3
9501Formula type code qualifieran..3
9507Formula sequence code qualifieran..3
9509Formula sequence operand codean..17
9601Information category codean..3
9623Diagnosis type codean..3
9625Related cause codean..3
9633Information details code qualifieran..3
9635Event details code qualifieran..3
9641Service basis code qualifieran..3
9643Supporting evidence type code qualifieran..3
9645Payer responsibility level codean..3
9649Processing information code qualifieran..3

Change indicators
plus sign An addition.
asterisk Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element.
hash or pound sign Changes to names.
vertical bar Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions.
minus sign A deletion.
letter X Marked for deletion.

Usage indicators
Used in batch messages only.
Common usage in both batch and interactive messages.
Used in interactive messages only.
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