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Document/message summary
UN/CEFACT Revision 1997A Segment List

Function:To specify summary information relating to the document/message.
This segment also occurs in the following versions of this standard:
D93A, D94A, D94B, D95A, D95B, D96A, D96B, D97A, D97B, D98A, D98B, D99A, D99B, D00A, D00B, D01A, D01B, D01C, D02A, D02B, D03A, D03B, D04A, D04B

Pos Segment M/C Repeat Repr. Notes
010 1004 Document/message number C 1 an..35
020 1001 Document/message name, coded C 1 an..3
030 7240 Total number of items C 1 n..15

M/CMandatory or Conditional
Repr.Representation (Data or Content Type)

Segment DMS is used in the following messages:

Change indicators
plus sign An addition.
asterisk Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element.
hash or pound sign Changes to names.
vertical bar Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions.
minus sign A deletion.
letter X Marked for deletion.

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