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5153 -

Duty/tax/fee type, coded
UN/CEFACT Revision 1993A Code List

Desc:Identification of the type of duty or tax or fee applicable to commodities or of tax applicable to services.
Note:If national codes needed, use in combination with 1131/3055.
This table also occurs in the following versions of this standard:
D00A, D00B, D01A, D01B, D01C, D02A, D02B, D03A, D03B, D04A, D04B, D93A, D94A, D94B, D95A, D95B, D96A, D96B, D97A, D97B, D98A, D98B, D99A, D99B

AAAPetroleum tax
Self explanatory.
ADDAnti-dumping duty
Duty applied to goods ruled to have been dumped in an import market at a price lower than that in the exporter's domestic market.
BOLStamp duty (Imposta di Bollo)
Tax required in Italy, which may be fixed or graduated in various circumstances (e.g. VAT exempt documents or bank receipts).
CAPAgricultural levy
Levy imposed on agricultural products where there is a difference between the selling price between trading countries.
CARCar tax
Self explanatory.
COCPaper consortium tax (Italy)
Description to be provided.
CSTCommodity specific tax
Tax related to a specified commodity, e.g. illuminants, salts.
CUDCustoms duty
Duties laid down in the Customs tariff, to which goods are liable on entering or leaving the Customs territory (CCC).
CVDCountervailing duty
A duty on imported goods applied for compensate for subsidies granted to those goods in the exporting country.
ENVEnvironmental tax
Tax assessed for funding or assuring environmental protection or clean-up.
EXCExcise duty
Customs or fiscal authorities code to identify a specific or ad valorem levy on a specific commodity, applied either domestically or at time of importation.
EXPAgricultural export rebate
Monetary rebate given to the seller in certain circumstances when agricultural products are exported.
FETFederal excise tax
Tax levied by the federal government on the manufacture of specific items.
Self explanatory.
GCNGeneral construction tax
General tax for construction.
GSTGoods and services tax
Tax levied on the final consumption of goods and services throughout the production and distribution chain.
ILLIlluminants tax
Tax of illuminants.
IMPImport tax
Tax assessed on imports.
INDIndividual tax
Self explanatory.
LACBusiness license fee
Government assessed charge for permit to do business.
LCNLocal construction tax
Local tax for construction.
LDPLight dues payable
Fee levied on a vessel to pay for port navigation lights.
LOCLocal sales taxes
Assessment charges on sale of goods or services by city, borough country or other taxing authorities below state/provincial level.
LSTLust tax
Tax imposed for clean-up of leaky underground storage tanks.
MCAMonetary compensatory amount
Levy on Common Agricultural Policy (EC) goods used to compensate for fluctuating currencies between member states.
MCDMiscellaneous cash deposit
Duty paid and held on deposit, by Customs, during an investigation period prior to a final decision being made on any aspect related to imported goods (except valuation) by Customs.
OTHOther taxes
Unspecified, miscellaneous tax charges.
PDBProvisional duty bond
Anti-dumping duty paid by posting a bond during an investigation period prior to a formal decision on dumping by Customs.
PDCProvisional duty cash
Anti-dumping duty paid in cash prior to a formal finding of dumping by Customs.
PRFPreference duty
Self explanatory.
SCNSpecial construction tax
Special tax for construction.
SSSShifted social securities
Social securities share of the invoice amount to be paid directly to the social securities collector.
STTState/provincial sales tax
All applicable sale taxes by authorities at the state or provincial level, below national level.
SUPSuspended duty
Duty suspended or deferred from payment.
A tax or duty applied on and in addition to existing duties and taxes.
SWTShifted wage tax
Wage tax share of the invoice amount to be paid directly to the tax collector(s office).
TACAlcohol mark tax
Self explanatory.
Self explanatory.
TOXTurnover tax
Tax levied on the total sales/turnover of a corporation.
TTATonnage taxes
Tax levied based on the vessel's net tonnage.
VADValuation deposit
Duty paid and held on deposit, by Customs, during an investigation period prior to a formal decision on valuation of the goods being made.
VATValue added tax
A tax on domestic or imported goods applied to the value added at each stage in the production/distribution cycle.

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