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7295 -

Requirement or condition description identifier
UN/CEFACT Revision 2002B Code List

Desc:Code specifying a requirement or condition.
This table also occurs in the following versions of this standard:
D00A, D00B, D01A, D01B, D01C, D02A, D02B, D03A, D03B, D04A, D04B, D99B

1Service provider determined service
The service was determined by the service provider.
2All X-rays specifically requested
All X-rays specifically requested.
3Not for comparison
Not for comparison.
4Contiguous body area service with different set-up
The service on contiguous body area that required different set-up.
5Non-contiguous body areas service
The service was conducted on non-contiguous body areas.
6Three hours or more between services
Three hours or more between the services.
7Left body part service
Service was conducted on the left part of the body.
8Lost referral
The referral has been lost.
9Necessary emergency and/or immediate treatment
Treatment was necessary as it was an emergency and/or immediately required.
10Second visit in one day
Second visit in one day.
11Separate procedure
The procedure is separate.
12Not usual medical after-care
Post treatment medical care which differs from the usual post treatment medical care.
13Right body part service
Service was conducted on the right part of the body.

Change indicators
plus sign An addition.
asterisk Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element.
hash or pound sign Changes to names.
vertical bar Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions.
minus sign A deletion.
letter X Marked for deletion.

Usage indicators
Used in batch messages only.
Common usage in both batch and interactive messages.
Used in interactive messages only.

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