NCPDP Standards Available Across All Releases

NCPDP is an implementation of the SCRIPT EDI standard governed by a group called the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs - NCPDP.

Stylus Studio® of course supports all recently published versions of this standard, across all messages, from release 8.0 to 10.7. All of these versions are supported by both the Java and the .Net (C#) versions of the DataDirect XML Converters.

This grid shows exactly which transaction sets the NCPDP standard supports for each release.

NCPDP Standards Legend:
The XML Converter supports this message type for this version.
The XML Converter does not support this message type for this version.
The NCPDP standard does not define this message for this version.

ID 8. 9. 10 Message
0 1 0 .0 .1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .6 .7
CANRES Cancel Prescription Response
CANRX Cancel Prescription Request
CENSUS Census Request - A Resident Change Notification
CHGRES Prescription Change Response
GETMSG Get Message
NEWRX New Prescription Request
PASCHG Password Change
REFREQ Refill Request
REFRES Refill Response
RESUPP Resupply
RXCHG Prescription Change Request
RXFILL Prescription Fill Status Notification
RXHREQ Medication History Request
RXHRES Medication History Response
VERIFY Verification
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