# Monday, May 13, 2013
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May 2013 - Keep Your Library Up-to-Date with Google Books API

Hello from the Stylus Studio Team!

Summertime is just about here. The Stylus Studio team hopes everyone is having a great year so far. We are working on some new & exciting technologies and can not wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, we hope you read and enjoy this month's tutorial entitled "Keep Your Library Up-to-Date with Google Books API". This tutorial looks at retrieving up-to-date book information using technologies like XQuery, JSON and Web Service with just one single tool, the Stylus Studio XML IDE.

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Keep Your Library Up-to-Date with Google Books API

Books are fundamental elements of our culture. No matter where you live or what your cultural background, I am sure that there has been at least one book that impacted your life and left great memories.

Stylus Studio

Because the content of books is so important to humankind in many ways, we invest significant amounts of time and money to help them stand the test of time, and of course, we organize them so we can quickly find a particular title or author when needed.

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Using XQuery To Generate JSON from Relational Data

This article describes how to build a simple multi-tier solution to expose relational data to a modern HTML application using JSON.

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Maintenance Release 1910i Now Available

Get the details on the latest maintenance release of Stylus Studio X15.

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# Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Stylus Studio has a new group on LinkedIn. LinkedIn users can join our new group. In this group you can discuss Stylus Studio, XML techniques and ideas with other XML Professionals and Stylus Studio users. You can also network with other XML professionals, get helpful tips and discuss Stylus Studio tutorials.

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# Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bug Fixes

Stylus Studio® X15 Build 1910i includes fixes for the following known defects:

  • The Java Code Generation failed when the package name was set and the package folder did not exists.
  • DataDirect XML Converters License Manager could not unlock a full license.
  • DataDirect XML Converters has been updated to build 1893n.
  • The XML Schema designer failed to create the images when exporting HTML.
  • The XML Generator did not create the appropriate sample data for xsd:union.

Visit this page for all the release notes on Stylus Studio Enterprise Edition: http://www.stylusstudio.com/update/X15_ReleaseNotes.html?ed=e

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