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0 new messagesHow to find and remove all instances of an attribute in a large file?0111181Patrick Gibbons
11/28/08 05:40pm
12/02/08 06:36am
0 new messagesXML to cobol Sequential file0111849Hep kir
11/27/08 03:26am
02/23/09 12:39pm
0 new messagesPipe delimited flat file conversion help0114079Jeff Neven
11/21/08 06:12pm
12/02/08 06:29am
0 new messagesCannot Function Block > DataDirect XQuery > wscall/20211531MIchael Hamilton
11/19/08 08:07pm
11/23/08 03:21pm
0 new messagesLicense Authentication failed0111415Jose Mendez
11/19/08 10:14am
12/02/08 06:23am
0 new messagesFlat File Conversion0211565Venkat Raghupat
11/19/08 07:45am
12/04/08 02:48pm
0 new messagesStruzzo.exe sing 50% of CPU0111674Ken Stringer
11/17/08 03:33pm
11/17/08 03:42pm
0 new messagesSaxon9 Transformation error handling in UNIX0114979Jon Gallegos
11/13/08 11:50am
11/15/08 07:03pm
0 new messagescom.ddtek.xquery3.XQQueryException: [DataDirect][XQuery][err:FODC0004]Table "techownerdb.ibmproductlifecycle" not found in any JDBC connection.0913143Lawrence Harris
11/11/08 10:35am
11/16/08 02:04pm
0 new messages XML attribute name 0111557praveen ap
11/10/08 08:55am
11/10/08 09:44am
0 new messagesJAVA and XML0111507praveen ap
11/10/08 06:22am
11/10/08 09:46am
0 new messagesDB Connection Error0211793guy-francis vella
11/09/08 06:11am
11/11/08 09:42am
0 new messagesDicstionaty Librarys for other langauges0112042Rob Dahl
11/07/08 05:06pm
11/10/08 09:40am
0 new messagesPassing parameters0212439Venkat Raghupat
11/07/08 12:22pm
11/10/08 10:59am
0 new messagesXmlconverter does not work 0111700Venkat Raghupat
11/07/08 09:06am
11/07/08 09:42am
0 new messagesnon-printing characters in File menu0212178Bob Hogan
11/03/08 08:41pm
11/12/08 10:45pm
0 new messagesIncluding row nos while converting flat files to Xml0412743Venkat Raghupat
10/31/08 12:19pm
11/10/08 09:58am
0 new messagesGetting Evaluation Copy exception0111832jose Mendez
10/30/08 01:18pm
11/03/08 04:48pm
0 new messagesSS 2008 R2 Bug?0311942Kurt Martin
10/30/08 10:39am
11/04/08 11:07am
0 new messagesJava Heap Space0112826Joseph OMEJI
10/30/08 05:42am
10/30/08 10:53am
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