Stylus Studio® 6 XML Professional Edition Release 3 (Build 377)
Release Notes

These release notes contain information specific to Stylus Studio® 6 XML Professional Edition Release 3 Build 377.

Installation Information — The readme.htm describes platform support and system requirements for Stylus Studio. By installing this release you agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Stylus Studio End User Product License Agreement. A copy of this Agreement can be found in the license.txt.


These release notes contain the following sections:

What's New in Stylus Studio 6 XML Professional Edition Release 3

Here are just some of the changes we've made to improve Stylus Studio 6 XML Professional Edition in Release 3:

Known Issues with This Release

This release has the following known issues:

Built-In XSLT Processor Limitations

The limitations listed in this section do not apply to the Saxon, XalanJ, and MSXML .NET XSLT processors. These processors are fully supported for processing and debugging in this release.

The Stylus Studio built-in XSLT processor supports the W3C XSLT Recommendation except for the following features:

Use of the format-number() function requires a JVM that is installed on your system and accessible by Stylus Studio.

XPath 1.0 Processor Limitations

The Stylus Studio XPath processor implementation includes a behavior that deviates from the XPath 1.0 recommendation. This behavior, however, is consistent with the DOM data model.


Installing DataDirect SequeLink Server

This section describes how to install DataDirect SequeLink Server. You need to install DataDirect SequeLink Server if you want to create a DB-to-XML data source for a database that is not already supported by Stylus Studio (such as Microsoft Access, for example). You need only to install the SequeLink Server; the SequeLink Client is installed automatically, as part of the Stylus Studio installation.

Executables and User Documentation

The installation executables and user documentation for DataDirect SequeLink Server is available as a Stylus Studio download. This link downloads a self-extracting file to your computer. When you run the file, it unpacks the installation setup.exe file and user documentation for DataDirect SequeLink Server to the location you specify.

Installation Summary

  1. Obtain the DataDirect SequeLink files from the Stylus Studio download page or installation CD-ROM.
  2. Read the DataDirect SequeLink user documentation.
  3. Run the DataDirect SequeLink Server setup.exe.

When the installation is complete, the ODBC drivers you configured are available as DB-to-XML data sources in the Database Type drop-down list in the DB-to-XML Data Source editor.

A more detailed description of this process can be found here:

Third-Party Code

This release includes the following third-party software:

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